Austin, TX – USA
August 17th 2020

SANA sees the so-called peace deal about Karachi with suspicion

Austin, Texas, August 17, 2020 – Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) cautiously watches the peace deal between three parties in Sindh brokered by an Army general. Negotiating deals between competing political parties does not exactly fall in the realm of responsibilities assigned to the Army by the Constitution of Pakistan, SANA reminds.

In the backdrop of continued rumors regarding federal government’s designs to secede Karachi from Sindh and make it a part of federal territory, the agreement between PPP, PTI and MQM becomes highly suspicious and raises a lot of questions.

The devious statements by the federal ministers of PTI about Karachi, the statement of the Attorney General of Pakistan in the Supreme Court of Pakistan that various options concerning Karachi were under consideration by the federal government and subsequent remarks by the honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan as to why Karachi not be made a part of the federal territory are indicative that something is being cooked to deprive Sindh of its capital yet once again.

The foray of a large contingent of military under a general officer into Karachi under the garb of sewerage cleaning and a subsequent wholesale outbreak of enforced disappearances of Sindhi youth only pay credence to the rumors that some conspiracies are afoot to harm the integrity of Sindh.

SANA, the largest and most representative organization of Sindhis outside Sindh, sees a statement by a MQM leader — and is not at all surprised at his ignorance considering the party he represents, though – in the same light, who recently stated that at the time of partition of India, Karachi was not a part of Sindh!

The statement, SANA reminds, by the ignorant leader of a known terrorist organization is in the fashion of the false claims his forefathers filed on the valuable evacuee properties in Sindh at the time of partition and laid the foundation stone of unrelenting corruption which Pakistan is deeply mired into to date. His forefathers’ greed was limited to a house, or a shop, he has the audacity to claim the whole city!

SANA is highly concerned that whenever the political or real masters of the country want to twist the arm of PPP in order to cut a deal with it, they attack Sindh. It needs to be made clear to them that even if a deal is made with the rulers by the PPP under duress, Sindhis will not accept anything against the interests of Sindh. Sindh is not PPP and this needs to be understood by the masters of the country.

SANA would like to remind the rulers that any word spoken against Sindh, its geographical unity, its culture, its language, etc. rather than benefiting anyone, causes an irreparable loss to the integrity of the country. Sindhis feel more and more alienated with each attack on Sindh by the benighted rulers of the country.

SANA wants to reiterate that if any harm is caused to the country due to this unremitting foolish and arrogant attitude of the rulers of the country against Sindh, they and they only will be responsible for that.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
3rd May 2020

SANA decries attempts aimed at subverting 18th amendment

This is to reaffirm that the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) firmly stands for democracy, provincial autonomy and just distribution of financial resources in Pakistan. SANA has always demanded provincial autonomy according to the 1940 Pakistan Resolution and just distribution of financial resources. It is a matter of great concern that the present Pakistani government is attempting to roll back any progress made towards provincial autonomy and just distribution of financial resources. SANA strongly condemns any such attempts and conspiracies.

It is SANA’s considered opinion that any attempt to roll back 18th Constitutional amendment and th 7th NFC Award will be considered as an attack on the federalism, the federation and the provincial autonomy. SANA believes that present day Pakistan is constituted by four equal federating units and all federating units must have equal voice in the federation. It has been longstanding demand by a majority of the people in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa to handover more powers and financial resources to the provinces. 18th Constitutional amendment was an attempt to satisfy smaller provinces’ demand to some extent.

Although it does not fully satisfy smaller provinces’ demands, still it was considered a step in the right direction. Similarly, 7th NFC Award was also considered a small but a welcome step towards just distribution of financial resources.

SANA is of considered opinion that any effort to roll back or subvert in any way the 18th Constitutional amendment and NFC Award will be highly detrimental to the federation. It will further alienate smaller provinces and will enhance sentiments of deprivation. That will create resentment and ill-will among provinces as well as among provinces and the federation.

SANA calls for sanity to prevail. Any attempts at rolling back or subverting in any way the 18th Constitutional amendment and 7th NFC Award must be stopped forthwith. SANA pledges to fully oppose and fight with full might any such attempts if pursued any further.

Mohammad Ali Mahar

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
28 March 2020

SANA EC announces new SEHCAR سهڪار Fund to help Sindh with COVID-19 situation and beyond

The world is facing the gravest of all health emergencies in the form of COVID-19 pandemic. USA being the worst hit country in the world, Sindh, our ancestral land, is not faring better either. The difference is USA is better equipped to handle the situation, Sindh, on the other hand, needs help. We, in the North America, need to come forward with any assistance we can provide to our less fortunate loved ones in Sindh in any way and form we can.

However, we understand that COVID-19 is a transient issue, which hopefully will be taken care of soon, EC feels that SANA should always be prepared to provide assistance on the immediate basis as and when needed. Considering that, SANA is announcing a new fund which will be called SEHCAR (SANA Emergency, Healthcare and Calamity Assistance and Relief) سهڪار fund. This will be a permanent fund and members will be able to donate money towards it on the year-long basis. The money from the fund will be disbursed anytime an emergency situation hits members in North America or people in Sindh.

The Executive Council (EC) of SANA has approved two COVID-19 related initiatives taking effect immediately:

1. Through this posting, I call upon the Fundraising Committee (FC) of SANA, led by Dr. Aijaz Turk, to mobilize its resources and efforts and start generating funds for COVID-19 relief. Ada Moazam Bhangar, has some ideas how SANA can provide immediate help to the Coronavirus-hit Sindh. I have spoken with him and requested him to coordinate that. Ada Mushtaq Rajpar, who possesses excellent fundraising skills has been requested to help the FC in generating the finances for the fund. Your donations can be sent to SANA treasurer under SANA fund until a separate account is created for the fund. Please mention SEHCAR in the memo field. All the funds collected in the name of SEHCAR will go for the COVID-19 assistance for now.

2. In the situation where all the school and learning institutions are closed indefinitely, a request was made by the coordinator of SANA’s Sindh School System (SSS) project, Nazeer Tunio, for financial assistance to procure tablets for the students financed by the SSS project. He requested US$15,000/ The amount was immediately arranged by Dr. Aijaz Turk. SANA members do not have to do anything further in this regard. Ada Zahid and I talked about it and since the funds have already been arranged, they will be issued for the intended purpose immediately.

SANA Fundraising Committee will work on raising money immediately. Please donate your funds generously in the newly created SEHCAR Fund of SANA so that we can be able to provide assistance to Sindh in a timely manner.


Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
28 October, 2019
Honorable Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

RE: An Appeal to Honorable Justices of Pakistan Supreme Court to not allow the federal government to usurp Sindh’s land resources.

On behalf of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), we appeal to you not to authorize transfer of Bahria Town Karachi land settlement fund to the Federal government of Pakistan. Instead, we request that you order this fund to be given to provincial government of Sindh and bind the provincial government to spent the fund amount on compensation of large number of poor people who were uprooted from their lands, lost livelihood in the area, and launching of an incremental housing scheme for low-middle income residents for those villages, who continue to live in medieval age living conditions.

In our understanding there is no ambiguity in the Pakistan’s constitution as far as the land ownership is concerned: land is a provincial subject, thus Sindh should not be robbed its rightful lawn ownership. The federal government has no legal standing to receive any fund from this illegal allotment to Bahria Town scheme in Karachi. SANA is of the opinion: the Article 78 of the Constitution, as claimed by the Federal Government has no relevance to this situation as the amount was ordered for violations of the provincial laws and rights.

The Supreme court decided that the grant of land by the Sindh Board of Revenue to the Malir Development Authority (MDA), and the MDA’s subsequent exchange of land with Bahria Town for the Malir District Housing Project (Project), were all illegal and were by a collusion among these parties. MDA was prohibited from transferring the land, as it violated the provisions of the Government Lands Act, 1912.

The Court ruled that the developer instead of launching an “incremental housing scheme” to facilitate low-middle income residents launched a massive commercial venture. The Court further said that as much of the work had already been done by the Bahria Town and a third-party interest has been created, the land could be granted to the Bahria Town under a set of revised terms.

In a subsequent offer by the Developer accepted by the Court, the Developer agreed to pay a total of Rs. 460 billions. The Developer paid Rs. 25 billion immediately and the remaining balance is to be paid over a period of seven (7) years in instalments.

In similar cases pertaining to the lands of Native Americans, where such lands were used for government and private projects without proper agreements, the US Courts used similar rationale to award compensation to local Native American communities. In another case, The Indian courts have used the “Right To Fair Compensation And Transparency In Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation And Resettlement Act, 2013” for compensation to the individuals whose lands were acquired and for the social development of local communities.

It is apparent that the justices of the Supreme Court in the two decisions to this matter described above were substantially concerned with the unfair compensation paid for the lands pertaining to developer’s super highway project spreading over 16,896 acres. We believe that court’s order of accepting settlement fund, should not be treated as blanket letter of further purchase, transfer and occupation of land of historic villages in and around Bahria Town Karachi.

We believe despite clear court order (May 2019), Bahria Town continues to expand its construction on over 41,000 acres of land as reported by the English newspaper Dawn.

Bahria Town Karachi continues to violate the court order. We request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to appoint provincial officials to monitor the expansion of the Bahria Town and make sure that Bahria Town follows court orders.

SANA believes people of Sindh have been robbed by the people in power and their collaborators like Bahria Town. Without enforcing the writ of the State, land grabbing mafias will continue to inflict pain, deprivation and loss of homes to native people.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
13 January 2019
SANA deeply distressed over highhandedness of government agencies in Karachi

SANA, the largest diaspora organization of Sindhis in the world, is deeply anguished at the highhandedness of government agencies in Sachal Goth, Karachi.

According to the reports making rounds on social media and carried by newspapers, personnel of a uniformed law enforcement agency, accompanied by a few persons in civil clothes, attacked the house of the convenor of Voice of Missing Persons, Sorath and Sasui Lohar, in Sachal Goth, Karachi, and attempted to forcibly kidnap their 16 years old minor brother Sanghar Lohar. When ladies tried to resist the kidnapping, they were manhandled and badly beaten by the armed personnel.

Reminding the government of its constitutional responsibility to protect and safeguard every citizen’s right to life and property, SANA expresses its deep concern at the ever-growing number of enforced disappearances in Sindh. The father of Sasui, Sorath and Sanghar is already missing for the last several years.

It is appropriate to remind the government that not very long time ago, the chief spokesperson of Pakistan Army instructed the news media in Pakistan to show the positive side of Pakistan. SANA feels that such blatant acts of highhandedness by the government agencies such as performed in Sachal Goth, Karachi, will not help in presenting a very positive side of the country.

SANA feels that in today’s world where news spreads fast thanks to social media, the excesses committed by the government agencies will not remain hidden from the world, and, aside from alienating and antagonizing a large section of country’s own population, will badly hurt country’s image internationally.

SANA, originally formed in 1984, is the largest representative, democratic and mainstream organization of Sindhis living outside Sindh. Since its members have a great stake in Pakistan and its affairs, SANA strongly supports the struggle for democracy, rule of law, independent judiciary and issues such as, girl education and women empowerment.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
24 September 2018
SANA concerned over Dam frenzy in Pakistan

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) has expressed grave concern over the continued disregard for the water rights of the lower riparian areas in Pakistan. In a statement issued in Austin, Texas today, SANA president, Mr. Mohammad Ali Mahar expressed shock over the renewed, extremely divisive dams’ frenzy that threatens the rights of the lower riparian areas of Indus River.

SANA president said it is distressing to see that Islamabad has consistently shown total disregard for the point of view of the lower riparian province, specially the tragic situation in the coastal districts of Sindh where over 3 million acres of fertile land and several towns and villages have come under sea intrusion. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their livelihood and they have been displaced from their homes. They have never been paid any compensation and no government, present or past, has ever put in place legally binding safeguards to save depleting southern delta and Indus river ecosystem.

The statement said, no obstruction on River Indus will be acceptable that has any latent or obvious potential to divert or choke the free flow of Indus. Statement further added that water regimes have been imposed on Sindh without province’s representation.

It said the SANA executive Council has formed a “SANA Indus Water Rights Committee” to work with various subject matter experts, stake holders and friends of the lower riparian to study the issue and find solutions for mitigation of risks and threats to the collective human and water rights of lower riparian.

The proposed Indus Water Rights Committee will be authorized to represent SANA.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
June 7th, 2018

SANA mourns the death of great Sindhi leader and intellectual, Rasool Bakhsh Palijo.

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) in a press statement issued in Austin, TX, today, has expressed deep grief and sorrow at the demise of a great leader, a lawyer and an intellectual par excellence, Mr. Rasool Bakhsh Palijo.

“A fighter by nature”, the statement noted, “Mr. Palijo never gave in to the forces of tyranny and injustice. Throughout his 89 years of life, he struggled to bring about a positive change in the lives of fellow human beings. A sage, who taught generations of Sindhis the value of freedom and meaning of patriotism, is no more with us.”

All through his life, Mr. Palijo fought politically, legally and through his pen for the marginalized people of Sindh. Sindhi nation especially cannot forget the heroic role he played in the restoration of democracy movement during the dark days of dictator Ziaul Haque, as a result of which he was incarcerated for a prolonged time by the martial law regime. Amnesty International declared him a “Prisoner of Conscience”.

A voracious reader and a keen student of politics, he introduced the same kind of romanticism and idealism to Pakistani politics as espoused by Nelson Mandela, Mao Zedong, and other great revolutionaries.

With Mr. Palijo’s death, the nation, especially Sindh, has become poorer.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)

Sain Rasool bux talking with SANA members during 2005 Convention


Austin, TX – USA
May 24th, 2018
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) has expressed complete solidarity with the struggle for immediate recovery & release of missing persons in Sindh.

In a statement issued in Austin, Texas today, SANA urged the government agencies to stop unlawful arrests, abductions, torture and murder of activists and innocent people. It said rule of law must be established and all unconstitutional, illegal and unlawful activities must stop.

SANA strongly condemned the attack by Sindh police & rangers on the hunger strike camp organized by the relatives of the missing persons in Sindh at Karachi Press Club. During the attack on the peaceful protest camp at KPC, brute force and violence was used against the participants and specially women who had gathered at the camp to demand the release of their loved ones some of whom have been missing for several months and in some cases for years. Government agencies also took away four workers from the camp. SANA also condemned police action against the protest camp at National Press Club in Islamabad demanding release of missing persons from Sindh and elsewhere.

SANA statement said in a democracy, it is people’s basic right to gather, protest and freely express their opinion. The government and its institutions must respect the law and should not use force, violence or strong arm tactics against the people demanding justice and rule of law. SANA said the Constitution guarantees the safety, security and basic human rights of the citizens. No law allows undeclared arrests and abductions of the citizens and their torture and murder. The statement said government must produce all the missing persons, release them from unlawful detention and if there is any case against any missing person, it should be brought to a court of law.

SANA urged the government to respect law of the land and avoid following law of jungle. Unlawful, unjust and brutal policies will give birth to more unrest among the people and impair and undermine the security situation and stability of the country. Government should listen to the people, try to solve their problems instead of using brute force against them and create more problems and fissures in the society.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
مئي 24 2018
سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا پاران کنڀي گُم ڪيل ماڻهن جي آزادي لاءِ هلندڙ جدوجهد جي مڪمل حمايت جو اعلان

سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا سنڌ مان کنڀي گُم ڪيل ماڻهن جي آزادي لاءِ هلندڙ جدوجهد جي مڪمل حمايت ڪري ٿي. سانا پنهنجي جاري ڪيل بيان ۾ رياستي ايجنسين تي زور ڀريندي چيو آهي ته بنا دير ڪارڪنن ۽ ٻين بيگناهه ماڻهن کي کنڀي گم ڪرڻ، تشدد ۽ قتل و غارت وارو سلسلو بند ڪيو وڃي

سانا، کنڀي گم ڪيل ماڻهن جي بازيابي لاءِ سندن واثن پاران ڪراچي پريس ڪلب تي لڳايل بک هڙتال ڪئمپ تي پوليس ۽ رينجرز جي ڪيل حملي جي سخت لفظن ۾ مذمت ڪري ٿي. حملي دوران پر امن بک هڙتال ڪئمپ ۾ شريڪ ماڻهن ۽ خاص طور تي انهن عورتن خلاف ڏاڍ ۽ تشدد جو مظاهرو ڪيو ويو جن جا پيارا مهينن ۽ سالن کان کنڀي گُم ڪيا ويا آهن. رياستي ايجنسين پاران بک هڙتال تي ويٺل وڌيڪ چئن ڄڻن کي کنڀي اڻ ڄاتل هنڌ منتقل ڪيو ويو

سانا سنڌ مان گُم ٿيل ماڻهن جي بازيابي لاءِ اسلام آباد جي نيشنل پريس ڪلب آڏو لڳايل احتجاجي ڪئمپ تي پوليس حملي جي پڻ سخت مذمت ڪري ٿي

سانا جي صدر محمد علي مهر جو چوڻ آهي ته پنهنجي حقن لاءِ آواز اٿارڻ، احتجاج ۽ جلسا ڪرڻ عوام جو بنيادي ۽ جمهوري حق آهي. حڪومت ۽ سندس ادارن کي قانون جو احترام ۽ پنهنجي حق ۽ انصاف لاءِ جدوجهد ڪندڙ ماڻهن خلاف ڏاڍ، جبر ۽ تشدد وارا حربا استعمال ڪرڻ کان پاسو ڪرڻ گهرجي. هن چيو ته ملڪ جو آئين پنهنجي شهرين جي جان ۽ مال جي حفاظت ۽ بنيادي حقن جي ضمانت ڏئي ٿو. سندس چوڻ آهي ته ڪو به قانون شهرين کي کنڀي گم ڪرڻ، تشدد يا قانون کان مٿانهين قتل جي اجازت نه ٿو ڏئي

بيان ۾ مطالبو ڪيو ويو آهي ته بنا دير سمورا کنڀي گُم ڪيل ماڻهو غير قانوني قيد مان آزاد ڪري ظاهر ڪيا وڃن ۽ جيڪڏهن سندن خلاف ڪو ڪيس آهي ته کين ملڪي عدالتن ۾ پيش ڪيو وڃي. سانا حڪومت کان مطالبو ڪندي چيو آهي ته جهنگ جي قانون کان پاسو ڪري ملڪي قانون تي عمل ڪيو وڃي. اڻ برابري، ظلم، ڏاڍ ۽ ناانصافيون معاشري ۾ وڌيڪ نفرت ۽ ملڪي سلامتي لاءِ پڻ خطرو بڻجي سگهن ٿيون

حڪومت کي معاشري ۾ وڌيڪ مسئلا، انتشار ۽ ماڻهن خلاف طاقت جي استعمال ڪرڻ بدران سندن مسئلا ٻڌڻ ۽ ترجحي بنيادن تي حل ڪرڻ گهرجن

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


Austin, TX – USA
اپريل 30، 2018
.سانا سنڌ حڪومت پاران مذهبي جماعت مجلس رابطا دعوت اسلامي کي ڏيڍ سئو ايڪڙ زمين ڏيڻ واري معاملي تي خدشا ظاهر ڪري ڇڏيا

سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا، سنڌ حڪومت پاران مذهبي جماعت مجلسِ رابطا، دعوت اسلامي کي ڏيڍ سئو ايڪڙ زمين الاٽ ڪرڻ واري معاملي تي سخت ڳڻتي جو اظهار ڪيو آهي. سانا پاران جاري ڪيل هڪ پريس بيان ۾ چيو ويو آهي ته سنڌ پهرين ئي مذهبي ۽ فرقيواراڻي انتهاپسندي جي باهه ۾ سڙي رهي آهي ويتر سنڌ حڪومت جي اهڙي عمل سان مذهبي انتهاپسندي کي هٿي ملندي. سانا سنڌ حڪومت کان پرزور مطالبو ٿي ڪري ته سنڌ جون زمينون مذهبي ۽ سياسي تنظيمن کي ڏيڻ واري پاليسي بنا دير ختم ڪئي وڃي

سانا پاران جاري ڪيل بيان ۾ چيو ويو آهي ته سنڌ حڪومت سدائين قبضه خورن جي پٺڀرائي ڪري سنڌ جي سوين ڳوٺن ۽ قديم وسندين کي ڊاهڻ ۽ هزارين ايڪڙ زمينن تي قبضا ڪرائڻ ۾ ملوث رهي آهي. سانا، سنڌ حڪومت پاران من پسند ماڻهن، بحريه فائونڊيشن ۽ ڊفينس سوسائٽي سميت مختلف نالن تي سنڌ جون زمينون ڀڳڙن مُٺ تي وڪرو ڪرڻ واري عمل تي پڻ سخت اعتراض واريا آهن

سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا سنڌ حڪومت کان پرزور مطالبو ڪندي چيو آهي ته سياسي، مذهبي ۽ من پسند ماڻهن کي زمينون ڏيڻ وارو فيصلو واپس وٺي انهن کي سنڌ جي عوام جي سهولت ۽ بهتري لاءِ ڪتب آندو وڃي

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


Austin, TX – USA
April, 30, 2018
SANA concerned over land allotment to religious group

Sindhi Association of North America, SANA, has expressed great concern over the news reports that the Sindh government is considering allotment of 150 acres of land to a religious organization, Majlis-e-Rabita, Dawat-e-Islami, Karachi, Sindh to promote its activities under the name of Dawat-e-Islami Trust.

In a statement, issued in Austin, TX today, SANA said that the province is already facing religious and sectarian extremism and the policy to show favoritism to one religious group or sect over the others will create more problems. SANA urged the Sindh government to stop its policy of giving away Sindh lands for any religious, sectarian or political purposes.

SANA also strongly objected to the grant or allotment of land at throw-away prices to defense societies, Bahria Foundation and such other outfits. The statement said Sindh government has continuously been accused of helping land grabbers to destroy hundreds of old villages and occupy thousands of acres of land belonging to poor farmers in various districts of the province.

SANA called upon the Sindh government to reverse its land allotment policies and use the land for the benefit of the people of the province and lawful purposes.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America(SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
Mar 7th, 2018
SANA considers Jam Saqi’s death
an irreparable loss to humanity, especially Sindh

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) has expressed profound grief and sorrow at the sad demise of a legendary progressive, leftist, Marxist Sindhi leader Comrade Jam Saqi. In a statement issued in Austin, Texas, SANA paid rich tributes to the fallen hero of the 4th March, 1967 movement when Sindhi students had risen against the Martial Law regime of General Ayub Khan. In the coming years, Comrade Jam Saqi became symbol of resistance against tyranny of various dictatorial regimes and a strong voice for peasants, labour, working class and downtrodden.

The statement noted that comrade Jam Saqi had become active in student politics in 1960s. He was General Secretary of Hyderabad Students Federation and later founder president of Sindh National Students Federation. He was in the forefront of the struggle against One Unit and the demand to publish voter lists in Sindhi in late 1960s. Jam Saqi was a leftist progressive leader who struggled for democracy, rule of law, peoples’ rights and the rights of peasants and labour. Injustices against working class and downtrodden brought him close to the Marxist ideology. He joined the Communist Party of Pakistan and later became General Secretary of the party.

Jam Saqi was a sincere, tireless and hardworking political activist who gave the true meaning to the word ‘Comrade’. He suffered immensely for his political activism and his principles facing severe hardships.. His family was also put under tremendous stress forcing his wife to commit suicide. Jam Saqi spent most of his political life either in prisons or remaining underground. He was subjected to severe torture at the infamous dungeons of the Lahore Fort also under military dictatorship. All of that couldn’t break his resolve to be on the side of the working class.

Another great aspect of Jam’s legacy was creation and mentoring of a large number of active political workers across the country. His demise comes as a tragic loss and shock to all his friends and the activists who struggled along side with him.

SANA salutes the courage and the valiant struggle of Jam Saqi for democracy and peoples’ rights and sends condolences to his family and well wishers.. His sad demise is a great loss to the working class, peasants and pro-democracy forces in the country.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association if North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
Feb 11th, 2018
SANA Joins in mourning the death of great human rights crusader, Asma Jahangir

Sindhi Association of North American (SANA), in a press statement issued today, has expressed deep shock and sorrow over the death of the great human rights warrior, Asma Jahangir.

Asma Jahangir, the statement said, was embodiment of reason and justice, who spent her entire life fighting against the forces of tyranny and injustice. She was a fearless warrior for the rule of law who did not care for her life when it came to resisting injustice or defending truth.

Asma Jahangir remained a beacon of resistance against injustice. In her death the world has lost one of the greatest crusaders for human rights and justice, whose void will take a long time to fill.

SANA extends deeply felt condolences to the world human rights community.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
Nov 9th, 2017

Sindhi Association of North American (SANA) expresses deep shock and sorrow
over the death of the celebrated son of Sindh, Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo

Joyo Saaeen was embodiment of Sindh, who spent most of his 102 years of life serving Sindh with complete and abiding devotion. A sage, he was the one who first ignited the fire of Sindhiism in the Sindhi mind and kept it alive through his writings and teachings.

Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo remained a beacon of enlightenment to the Sindhi youth all his life. In his death, Sindh has lost such a distinguished son whose void will take a long time to be filled.

SANA extends deeply felt condolences to Sindh as well as the family of Saaeen Joyo.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
September 30th, 2017
Committees Formed

Subsequent to the decisions made in the teleconference held on 9/30/17, the Executive Council (EC) of SANA is pleased to announce the formation of the following committees with immediate effect:

Grievance Committee:

  1. A.k.a “Past Presidents Committee”. The Grievance Committee shall be headed by Saaeen Aziz Narejo.
  2. The committee shall comprise of past presidents as its members. The number of committee members will be decided by the committee chair.
  3. The Committee shall receive, review and give an opinion on all the grievances brought forward by any of the active members of the organization.
  4. The Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding any question of ethical conduct that may be raised about any of the members of the organization.
  5. This Committee shall present its reports/findings and recommendations to the Executive Council for action.

Membership Committee:

  1. The Membership Committee shall be chaired by Dr. Hafeez Abbasi.
  2. The committee shall consist of the active members of SANA, the number of which shall be decided by the committee chair.
  3. The committee shall be tasked to approach Sindhis living in North America and increase the membership of SANA

 Fund Raising Committee:

  1. Dr. Aijaz Turk shall chair the Fundraising Committee.
  2. The committee shall consist of the active members of SANA, the number of which shall be decided by the committee chair.
  3. The Fund Raising Committee shall raise funds for the purposes of charitable, disaster relief and rehabilitation work and the work in the fields of education, research, health and any other fields and purposes as decided by the Executive Council.
  4. The committee shall work in close coordination with the President and the General Secretary and any other EC officer(s) assigned the work by the President with the approval of the Executive Council.

The chairpersons for the committees are requested to forward the names of respective committee members to EC as soon as possible.


Austin, TX – USA
July 12th, 2017
 33rd. Annual Convention of SANA (2017) – Firsts

There were many firsts at the 33rd.
Annual Convention of SANA:

First of all, as promised at the time of the election, SANA EC presented a brand-new website at the convention, backed up by a robust financial database, complete with reporting and self-service registration/account/renewal capabilities. Please visit to see the magic yourself. You have to be a registered member to fully realize the potential of the application. The website and its corresponding database are developed by SANA treasurer Hasnain Shaikh on the base website created by Adi Darakhshan Memon. Registered members have the privileges to perform self-service activities and access financial and other reports online. If you are not registered at the website but are a paid member of SANA, you can register yourself and update your information using the website’s self-service functionality.

For the first time, instead of a politician or a bureaucrat, an educator from the underprivileged area of Thar, Aasoo Bai Kolhi was flown in from Sindh as the main guest of SANA. SANA recognized Aasoo Bai as well as four other women for their contribution in the field of girl education in the backward and financially challenged areas of Sindh

This convention saw the first ever, almost a whole day youth-specific event of Career Counseling, skillfully managed by Ada Mansoor Qureshi and helped by Asif Soomro, Imran Soomro, Muhammad Khizr, and Komal Bhutto. The event was designed to educate the youth on resume building, interview techniques, job search, etc.  Ada Mansoor came prepared to interview and hire successful candidates on the spot for his company.

For the first time, two universities of Sindh, Sindh Madrassatul Islam, Karachi, and Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur, officially participated in a SANA convention to discuss major projects and enlighten the members about the huge progress these universities have made in the field of higher education in a short time of their existence.

This was the first time ever that responsibility of arranging some of the sessions at the convention was outsourced to a professional company. SoCal Event Planners, a company owned by Shumaila Panhwar, a young member from Los Angeles, and daughter of Saaeen Sani Panhwar, was tasked with arranging the convention events, especially the Family Picnic, the most successful of all events (one of the regulars at SANA conventions was heard as saying “this is the best convention so far”). Shumaila Panhwar wrote off all the company fees and expenses.

For the first time, convention participants were provided two formal dinners (banquet included), as well as two lunches and boxed breakfast, all covered in their registration fee.

At the banquet night, an unprecedented amount of more than 100,000 dollars was pledged within the half an hour of donation request, which is almost double the amount pledged at the last best occasions. This time no names were called out. People were asked to volunteer their pledges and the money started pouring in, a major chunk of which was promised to be earmarked for girl education. Some of the participants, who were absent during pledges, voluntarily contacted SANA leadership via email and Whatsapp and pledged their donation. The list of pledges is available to registered member on the

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
July 12th, 2017
33rd Annual Convention of SANA (2017) – Thank you very much

A lot has been said on this forum as well as Sindhi/Urdu/English print and electronic media about the success of the 33rd Annual Convention of SANA, at Los Angeles, CA. Let me start by offering my gratitude to those who made the event memorable.

First of all, I would like to thank around 400 participants who attended the convention from almost all corners of North America. Without their participation there would have been no convention.

I am also thankful to the friends who came all the way from Sindh to observe and enjoy the convention. I am especially grateful to our journalist friends, like Dr. Qasim Rajpar, Saaeen Iqbal Mallah, Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Saaeen Ashfaq Azar, Saaeen Zulfiqar Qadri, Saaeen Tanveer Nawaz and others who covered the event.

I offer my most profound gratitude to our journalist friend, Saaeen Zulfiqar Qadri, who brought 100 Ajrak and topis with him to distribute among the convention guests even though he had to pay for the extra baggage to the airline.

Our friend Raja Zahid Akhtar Khanzada ensured the coverage on the big media outlets such as, Jang, The News International, ARY and Dunya. Thank you very much Raja Sahab.

Mushtaq Rajpar, our own media expert and scholar, deserves my gratitude for his presence and active participation at the convention.

I want to thank Adi Maheen Hisbani, the famous Sindhi TV compere and poetess, from the depth of my heart, who conducted the Adabi Session alongside ada Fareed Bhutto, and two music nights with utmost grace and entertained the audience with poetry – her own as well as from the masters of Sindhi poetry.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Local Organizing Committee.  The way the whole event was managed speaks volumes about Ada Sani Panhwar’s organizational skills, ably augmented by his daughter, Shumaila and her husband Yousuf. Shumaila proved that our youth, if given the leadership role, can do wonders.

I offer my gratitude to other LOC members, including, Saaeen Jafar Shah, Saaeen Irshad Kazi, Saaeen Malik Dino Shaikh and Saaeen Saleem Langah for their tireless efforts (sorry, if I missed a name).

In order to better manage the convention this year, services of a professional event management company, SoCal Event Planners, were acquired. If you enjoyed the picnic hugely, it was owing to the immaculate arrangements made by this company. The company is owned by Shumaila Panhwar. Many thanks are due to Shumaila,
who wrote off all the company fees and expenses.

I cannot thank the star of the convention, Aasoo Bai Kolhi, the Malala of Sindh, enough, who agreed to grace the occasion despite her health problems. She was specially flown in from Sindh, SANA gratefully paying all her expenses. Aasoo Bai and four other distinguished ladies, Sughra Solangi, Sadiqa Salahuddin, Humaira Bachal, and Haseena Marri, who have made tremendous impact in the field of girl education despite utmost adversity were recognized at the convention.

My thanks are also due to Adi Sadiqa Salahuddin for her excellent presentation on the state of girl education in Sindh.

I offer my most profound thanks to Dr. Yasmeen Ruhge, daughter of Dr. Amina Khamisani, who attended here first ever convention and donated SANA 50 copies of the translation of Shah jo Risalo by her mother, Dr. Amina Khamisani. She also spoke at the occasion.

SANA EC and I pray for a speedy recovery of Saaeen Waqar Shah sahab, the Gadi Nasheen of Bhit Shah, who met a road accident on the way to the airport in Houston to attend the convention and missed the event.  We deeply missed his presence as well as his presentation on Shah at the convention.

Thank you very much Ada Mansoor Qureshi for arranging the Careeer Counseling session. This wonderful event was specifically designed to prepare and guide youth on scholarships, internships, and career related subjects.

Thanks are due to two very distinguished vice chancellors from universities in Sindh who graced the convention this year.

The IBA Sukkur was represented by Dr. Nisar Siddiqui, the VC, who presented the great work being done by his institution.

We also had the good fortune to hear the VC of Sindh Madressa University, Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, VC, and Dr. Zahid Channar, Dean, both of whom spoke in different sessions. A big thank you to both of them.

Thank you very much to the distinguished writer and educator, Agha Pir Muhammad, who was requested to enlighten the audience with his wisdom on two occasions and he spoke excellently, extempore.

A huge thank you to all the presenters and speakers of all the sessions. With multiple sessions running simultaneously, there are too many names to name. However, here are some of the prominent contributors: Sindhi Adabi Session: Adi Maheen Hisbani, Fareed Bhutto, Dr. Yasmin Ruhge, Dr. Mithal Vakassi, Agha Pir Muhammad

Interactive Session on Women and Technology, run simultaneously in Los Angeles and Karachi: Dr. Mithal Vakassi, Adi Komal Bhutto, Adi Darakhshan Memon, Dr. Ghazala Rahman, Ms. Mahtab Rashdi, Dr. Suleman Shaikh and others Duhri night (women’s program): Adi Surraya Panhwar, Adi Zeb Agha and all other ladies Medical Seminar: Dr. Hafeez Abbasi, Dr. Sattar Shaikh, Dr. Rifat Ansari, Dr. Sabena Panhwar, Dr. Fawad Zafar Career Counseling: Mansoor Qureshi, Asif Soomro, Imran Soomro, Muhammad Khizr.

Saharo Presentation: Hanif Sangi and Zahid Shaikh
Akhuwat Presentation: Farooq Aziz
FAME Presentation: Agha Zafar
SSDP Presentation: Ali Hasan Bhutto, Dr. Amanullah Panhwar
State of Girl Education in Sindh: Zakir Bullo, Aasoo Bai Kolhi, Adi Sadiqa Salahuddin, Adi Shabnam Baloch
General Body: Mainly an EC affair, ably conducted by Khalid Memon, General Secretary, SANA; Hasnain Shaikh, Treasurer, SANA, for presentation on the new website; Aziz Narejo presented the resolutions
Music night (Saturday): Adi Komal Bhutto and other youth, Adnan Hussain, Maheen Hisbani, Ghulam Mohiuddin, local talent, Ashfaq Azar for his poetry
Media Session: Zakir Bullo, Agha Pir Muhammad, Dr. Qasim Rajpar, Zulfiqar Qadri, Ashfaq Azar, Mansoor Qureshi
SANA Forum: Mushtaq Rajpar, Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Dr. Nisar Siddiqui, Ghulam Nabi Morai, Adi Sadiqa Salahuddin, Adi Shabnam Baloch
Family Picnic: Sani Panhwar, Adi Shumaila Panhwar, Yousuf and their team of dedicated volunteers; all the participants
Banquet night: Adi Maheen Hisbani, Ghulam Mohiuddin; famous artists Humaira Channa and Arshad Mehmood, who enthralled the audience with their beautiful singing.

Thank you again, everyone! See you in Washington, DC, next year.


Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
May 14th, 2017
SANA strongly condemns brutal killing of Sindhi laborers in Baluchistan

Austin, Texas, 14 May 2017 – SANA, the largest diaspora organization of Sindhis in the world, is appalled and aggrieved at the coldblooded murder of 10 innocent and unarmed laborers at the hand of terrorists in Baluchistan.

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on construction workers belonging to Naushehro Feroze district of Sindh, killing 10 and injuring others in Gwadar area of Baluchistan. According to eye witness account, the innocent workers were brutally gunned down after being identified as Sindhis. The responsibility of this gruesome and inhuman act has been claimed by a group called Baluchistan Liberation Army.

For some time now, the terrorists have been killing innocent people, especially Sindhis, in Baluchistan with impunity. SANA, considering this latest incident as worst terrorism act, implores the sane elements of society, especially those belonging to Baluchistan and claiming to be fighting for their rights, to denounce this naked terrorism and condemn the inhuman act in unequivocal terms.

SANA, calls upon the government to apprehend those responsible for this inhuman and cruel act of brutality and bring them to book making them an example to all terrorists.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
May 14, 2017
SANA strongly condemns brutal killing of Sindhi laborers in Baluchistan

The largest diaspora organization of Sindhis in the world, is appalled and aggrieved at the coldblooded murder of 10 innocent and unarmed laborers at the hand of terrorists in Baluchistan.

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on construction workers belonging to Naushehro Feroze district of Sindh, killing 10 and injuring others in Gwadar area of Baluchistan. According to eye witness account, the innocent workers were brutally gunned down after being identified as Sindhis. The responsibility of this gruesome and inhuman act has been claimed by a group called Baluchistan Liberation Army.

For some time now, the terrorists have been killing innocent people, especially Sindhis, in Baluchistan with impunity. SANA, considering this latest incident as worst terrorism act, implores the sane elements of society, especially those belonging to Baluchistan and claiming to be fighting for their rights, to denounce this naked terrorism and condemn the inhuman act in unequivocal terms.

SANA, calls upon the government to apprehend those responsible for this inhuman and cruel act of brutality and bring them to book making them an example to all terrorists.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
Feb 16, 2017.
Bomb blast in Sehwan Sharif

Sindhis Association of North America (SANA) expresses deep anguish and profound sorrow at the loss of scores of innocent lives and injuries to countless others as a result of the explosion at the shrine of sufi saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalanadar in Sehwan Sharif.

SANA feels deeply concerned that cowardly terrorist attacks have become a norm in Pakistan lately. It looks like the lives of common citizens have been left at the mercy of terrorist roaming the streets freely. Recent incidents in Lahore, Peshawar and elsewhere squarely point at the incompetence of security apparatus in the country.

SANA feels that the province of Sindh is specially vulnerable to the terrorism given the fact that outsiders are being provided unchecked and unfettered accommodation in Sindh by the powers that be in order to tilt the population balance against the indigenous people. SANA demands that arrangements be made to expel illegal refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere from Sindh to ensure the security of people of Sindh.

SANA shares the grief of survivors and offering heartfelt condolences on deaths of their dear ones assures them that Sindhis in North America stand by them at their difficult time.

SANA demands of the government that strict measures must be taken to ensure the security of the citizens and that holy places in Sindh must be provided the same security as in Punjab and KPK.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)


Austin, TX – USA
Jan 30, 2017.
SANA Legal Assistance Committee formed

Alive of the situation arising from the recent executive order by President Donald Trump imposing travel ban on seven countries and seriously concerned that restrictions might be placed on travelers from Pakistan, the Executive Council (EC) of SANA discussed the matter in the teleconference on Sunday, 1/29/17, and decided to form a committee to provide membership advice and assistance on immigration related matters.

In the light of the decision made at the teleconference, a new body which will be called “SANA Legal Assistance Committee” has been formed. Saaeen Imdad Seehar, one of the top immigration attorneys in the community has kindly agreed to chair the committee. The committee is tasked to provide legal advice/assistance on visa, immigration, and employment related issues resulting from the executive order.

Saaeen Kamran Ali Memon, who is an employment lawyer in Chicago and son of ada Ali Nawaz Memon, and Saaeen Jahanzeb Memon, an immigration specialist working with KMR Law group in Washington DC area, have also agreed to work with Saaeen Seehar Sahab on the committee. Ada Zakir Bullo, SANA Information Secretary, who has LLB from Pakistan, will be available to assist the committee.

Here is the contact information for SANA Legal Assistance Committee:

1. Imdad A. Seehar (Chair)

2. Kamran Ali Memon

3. Jahanzeb Memon

4. Zakir Bullo

Other lawyers, especially in the large cities and ports of entry are being contacted and requested to come forward and assist the committee.

سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا (سانا) آمريڪي سنڌين جي قانوني سهائتا لاءِ ڪميٽي جوڙي ڇڏي

تازو ئي چونڊجي آيل آمريڪي صدر ڊونالڊ ٽرمپ پاران ايگزيڪيوٽو آرڊر تحت دنيا جي ستن مختلف ملڪن جي شهرين جي آمريڪا ۾ داخلا تي پابندي مڙهڻ واري فيصلي ۽ پاڪستان کان ايندڙ مسافرن تي پڻ پابنديون وجهڻ وارن خدشن کي سامهون رکندي سانا پاران آمريڪا ۾ آباد سنڌين جي قانوني سهائتا لاءِ اميگريشن جي ماهر وڪيلن تي مشتمل ڪميٽي جوڙي وئي. گذريل رات سانا جي ايگزيڪيوٽو ڪائونسل جو هڪ نقاطي اجلاس مرڪزي صدر محمد علي مهر جي صدارت هيٺ ٿي گذريو. جنهن ۾ صدر ڊونالڊ ٽرمپ پاران مسلمانن جي اڪثريت وارن ستن مختلف ملڪن تي پابندي واري فيصلي، آمريڪا ۾ آباد سنڌين جي خدشن ۽ پاڪستان کان ايندڙ مسافرن کي ڏکيايون پيش اچڻ وارن معاملن تي ڳڻتي جو اظهار ڪيو ويو. سانا جي اطلاعات سيڪريٽري ذاڪر بُلو پاران جاري ڪيل بيان موجب سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا پنهنجي ماڻهن جي قانوني سهائتا ڪرڻ خاطر اميگريشن جي ناليواري وڪيل امداد سيهڙ جي سربراهي ۾ ٽن سنڌي وڪيلن تي مشتمل سانا ليگل اسسٽنس ڪميٽي قائم ڪئي وئي آهي. جن ۾ هيوسٽن مان امداد سيهڙ، شڪاگو مان ڪامران علي ميمڻ ۽ واشنگٽن ڊي سي مان جهانزيب ميمڻ شامل آهن. مٿي ڄاڻايل ڪميٽي پاڪستان مان ايندڙ مسافرن ۽ آمريڪا ۾ آباد سنڌين کي ويزا، اميگريشن ۽ نوڪرين جي معاملن ۾ قانوني مدد فراهم ڪندي. اجلاس ۾ شريڪ سانا اڳواڻن خالد ميمڻ، غلام محي الدين مورائي، ذاڪر بُلو، حسنين شيخ، وشنو اُڪراڻي، آپا ارشاد عباسي، ڪومل ڀٽو ۽ ممتاز لانگاهه چيو ته سانا اُتر آمريڪا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين جي واحد نمائنده جماعت آهي ۽ هو هر هڪ سنڌي جي خدمت پنهنجو اولين فرض سمجهن ٿا. ليگل اسسٽنس ڪميٽي سان سهڪار ۽ مشاورت خاطر سانا جي اطلاعات سيڪريٽري ذاڪر بُلو کي پڻ ڪميٽي ۾ شامل ڪيو ويو. اجلاس دوران آمريڪا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين جي سهولت کي نظر ۾ رکندي ڪميٽي جي سمورن ميمبرن ۽ قانوني ماهرن جون ايميل ايڊريسون ۽ رابطي جا نمبر پڻ شايع ڪيا ويا.

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


Austin, TX – USA
Jan 26th, 2017.
SANA Census Action Group formed

In order to organize the campaign on Census 2017 in Sindh, SANA EC has formed a committee called “SANA Census Action Group”. The committee will be headed by former SANA president and veteran activist Saaeen Iqbal Tareen. Saaeen Tareen has accepted the responsibility to organize and lead the effort.

Saaeen Iqbal Tareen has been authorized to contact political/social groups, represent SANA in the media and execute and direct the SANA campaign on Census 2017.

SANA Census Action Group, led by Saaeen Iqbal Tareen, will start its functions with immediate effect.
Here is Saaeen Iqbal Tareen’s contact information:
Tel: (0343) 229 – 9331

نیو یارک (پریس رلیز): سانا پاران آدمشماري سنڌين لاءِ زندگي ۽ موت جو مسئلو قرار

جي ساڃاهه وندن کي گڏ ٿي عوامي مهم هلائڻ جي اپيل سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا جو هنگامي اجلاس مرڪزي صدر محمد علي مهر جي صدارت هيٺ ٿي گذريو. اجلاس ۾ سنڌ اندر 15 مارچ کان مرحليوار شروع ٿيندڙ ڇهين آدمشماري بابت مختلف رخن تي ڳالهايو ويو. ان موقعي تي سانا اڳواڻن جو چوڻ هو ته سنڌي قوم جو مستقبل شفاف آدمشماري سان ئي جڙيل آهي. 1973ع جي آئين جي آرٽيڪل (3) 51 مطابق ملڪ ۾ هر ڏهن سالن کان پوءِ آدمشماري ڪرائڻ لازمي آهي ته جيئن صوبن جي اسيمبلين ۾ نمائندگي، صوبن ۾ فنڊن جي ورهاست اين ايف سي ايوارڊ مطابق، نوڪرين جي ڪوٽا ۽ تڪبندين جھڙا معاملا حل ٿي سگهن. اجلاس دوران سانا اڳواڻن محمد علي مهر، خالد ميمڻ، غلام محي الدين مورائي، وشنو اُڪراڻي، ذاڪر بلو، ڪومل ڀٽو، ارشاد عباسي، حسنين شيخ ۽ ممتاز لانگاهه چيو ته سنڌ جي سمورن ساڃاهه وندن کي جلد کان جلد آدمشماري بابت گڏيل طور سجاڳي مهم هلائي گهر گهر آگاهي ڏيڻ جي اپيل ڪجي ٿي. ان سلسلي ۾ سنڌي ايسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا پرنٽ، اليڪٽرانڪ ۽ سوشل ميڊيا سميت هر محاذ تي گهڻ رخي آگاهي مهم هلائڻ جو اعلان پڻ ڪري ٿي. ان موقعي اڳواڻن جو چوڻ هو ته آگاهي مهم کي اثرائتو بڻائڻ خاطر سانا پاران سنڌ جي سمورين سياسي سماجي ڌرين سان رابطا به ڪيا ويندا. سانا اڳواڻن وڌيڪ چيو ته سنڌي قوم جي وجود کي بچائڻ ۽ برقرار رکڻ خاطر آدم شماري ۾ ڀرپور حصو وٺڻ گهرجي. هنن چيو ته سنڌ ۾ هن وقت به ڪيترن ئي قبيلن جهڙوڪ ڪولهين، ڀيلن، مينگهواڙن، باگڙين، ماڙيچن، گرگلن، اوڏن، چوڙهن، شڪارين، ٿرين ۽ سنڌ جي ڪچي ۾ رهندڙ لکين ماڻهن جا سڃاڻپ ڪارڊ ٺهيل ئي ناهن. جنهن ڪري خطرو آهي ته اهي لکين سنڌي آدم شماري واري مهم ۾ ڳڻپ کان رهجي ويندا. سنڌ حڪومت کي گهرجي ته رهجي ويل لکين سنڌين جا شناختي ڪارڊ ٺاهڻ لاءِ هنگامي بنيادن تي سڄي سنڌ ۾ يوسي سطح تي نادرا موبائيل سينٽر قائم ڪري ۽ سنڌ ۾ غيرقانوني طور ترسيل ڌارين کي آدم شماري مان ڪڍڻ لاءِ تڪڙا اپاءُ ورتا وڃن ته جيئن آدمشماري شفاف نموني ٿي سگهي. ذاکر بُلو انفارمیشن سیکریٽري سانا

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


Austin, TX – USA
Press Release
Jan 9th, 2017.
سانا جو 33 ھون سالیانو کنوینشن لاس اینجلز ۾ منعقد کرڻ جو اعلان۔

سنڌي ایسوسیشن آف نارٿ آمریکا (سانا) جي ایگزیکیوٽو کامیٽي گذریل ڏینھن ھک نقاطي ایجنڊا تي گڏ ٿي کنوینشن بابت مختلف رخن تي ڳالھ ٻولھ کانپوءِ ھن سال جو میلو کیلیفورنیا جي شھر لاس اینجلز ۾ کرائڻ جي منظوري ڏئي ڇڏي۔ شروعاتي طور ٽن مختلف ھنڌن کیلگري، سینٽ لوئس ۽ لاس اینجلز جا نالا تجویز کیا ویا ھئا جنھن کانپوءِ سانا جي پھرین ویھک ۾ سینٽ لوئس جو اعلان کیو ویو پر بعد ۾ کینیڊا سمیت آمریکا جي اکثریت میمبرن جي مطالبي ۽ سندن سولائي کي نظر رکندي کنوینشن جو ھنڌ تبدیل کیو ویو۔ ھاڻ سانا جو 33 ھون سالیانو میلو 30 جون کان 3 جولائي تائین کیلیفورنیا جي شھر لاس اینجلز ۾ ملھایو ویندو۔ سانا پاران نارٿ آمریکا سمیت پوري دنیا جي سنڌین کي ھن میلي ۾ شریک ٿیڻ جي کوٺ ڏجي ٿي

نیویارک : سنڌ جي ناليواري شاعر عبدالغفار تبسم کي سانا پاران نيويارڪ جي سنڌ هائوس ۾ آجياڻو ڏنو ويو نیویارک : تقريب ۾ آمريڪا جي نيو يارڪ ، نيو جرسي ، ڪنيڪٽيڪٽ ۽ ٻين علائقن ۾ آباد سنڌين شرڪت ڪئي نیویارک : سانا جي اطلاعات سيڪريٽري ذاڪر بلو پاران عبدالغفار تبسم کي سنڌي ثقافت جو اهڃاڻ اجرڪ تحفي طور پهرايو ويو ۔ نیویارک : سينيئر صحافي امتياز مير ، عاشق سومرو ، ڊاڪٽر الطاف عيساڻي ، محمد شريف ڀنڀرو ، ڊاڪٽر شرجيل سومرو ۽ ٻين تبسم جي شاعري ۽ جدوجهد عيوض کيس لفظن جي ڀيٽا پيش ڪئي نیویارک : آمريڪا ۾ سنڌين پاران ڏنل آجياڻي واري محفل ۾ عبدالغفار تبسم پنهنجي نڪور شاعري پيش ڪري تقريب ۾ موجود ماڻهن کي جهومائي ڇڏيو

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


Austin, TX – USA
Jun 4, 2016.
LoC Headed by Dr Sattar Shaikh Starts Arrangements for 32nd SANA Convention

LoC Headed by Dr Sattar Shaikh Starts Arrangements for 32nd SANA Convention To Be Held at Detroit, USA from September 2nd to 5th
Detroit, USA: Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) has started preparation to arrange its 32nd annual convention in a historical and unforgettable way from September 2nd to 5th this year at Detroit city of Michigan State of USA. This event has always been a grand get together of North American Sindhis with participation of guests from all over the world.

The Central Executive Council of SANA has constituted a Local Organizing Committee (LoC) for Detroit Convention under the chair of Dr Sattar Shaikh while Dr Sultan Bahoo Shaikh, Dr AijazTurk, Dr Mubeen Memon, Adi Farzana Mubeen, Dr SiddiqueShaikh, Zulfaqar Bhatti, Khalid Memon, Jan Baloch, Aamer Abbasi, Ashraf Memon, Nisar Siddiqui and Adnan Siddiqui are members of this committee.

The Executive Council of SANA met on Friday through conference call under the chair of its central president Jamil Daudi to finalize the hotel venue, registration fees and review other arrangements. SANA’s vice presidents for USA & Canada Aijazulhaq memonandMaqsood Soomro, general secretary Noorunissa Ghanghro, joint Secretary Munir Soomro, treasurer Ali Hassan Bhutto, information secretary Zulfiqar Ali and chairman Loc Dr Sattar Shaikhparticipated in the meeting. The EC finalized the Theme of SANA Detroit Convention “Purpose of Creation, Past, Present, and Future of SANA” while seminars/sessions for discussion to strengthen SANA and contribute maximum towards education, health and social sector of Sindh, music, cultural programs and other events were also discussed for the convention

The venue Hotel for 32nd SANA convention will be Edward Village Hotel & Convention Center located at 600 Town Center Drive of Dearborn area of the Detroit city. As negotiated, the Hotel will charge $ 127 per night for a Double bedroom with a complimentary breakfast for two people and the group code for discounted rate is 627. The LoC chair said that rooms are in limited number under this discounted rate and are available on first-come-first get basis. SANA members and those who wish to take part in this event are advised to get the online booking through logging on

SANA Central EC further approved the registration fees of $ 125 US Dollars per person for Convention’ participants ages above 11 years, and $ 75 US Dollars for children between 6 to 10 years whereas kids of 5 years or below are free. This amount will help LOC to arrange food, music, city tour for the youth and other all convention activities and expenses. Above rates are for those who register themselves online by August 15, 2015. The registration charges at the Convention Desk at the time of start or during the event days will be $ 150 US Dollars for adults and $ 90 US Dollars for children ages between 5 to 11 years. The SANA members are advised to get hotel booking and convention registration as early as possible to avail discounts and online registration can be availed by logging on

LoC is in process to invite some known singers and artists from Sindh, Pakistan, and it is hoped that this event will be as memorable and useful in shape of contribution of Sindhi diasporas towards their motherland Sindh. SANA an active and unique organization of Sindhi diaspora residing in the different parts of the United States and Canada organize every year a grand social and cultural get together of its members to discuss the issues of their motherland Sindh as well as the social, cultural, economical and technological development of Sindhi diasporas. Along with singers and artists, the intellectuals, writers, politicians, social workers and civil society members from Sindh and all over the world take part in SANA’s annual grand gathering/convention at Detroit, USA. The Detroit City of USA which is bordering Canada and at the distance of only 4 hour drive from the Toronto city, having population of around 6 million, is famous of its beautiful architecture, Detroit river, lush green parks, music clubs, variety of food and many other things.

News in Sindhi.

پريس رليز، 4 جون 2016،
سانا پاران ڊيٽرائٽ آمريڪا ۾ سيپٽيمبر مهيني ۾ ٿيندڙ 32هين سالياني ڪنوينشن جون تياريون شروع ٿي ويون.

.ٽي ڏهاڙا هلندڙ سنڌين جي هن عالمي ميڙاڪي ذريعي سنڌ جي تهذيب، تمدن ۽ ثقافت کي اجاگر ڪرڻ لاءِ پروگرام ترتيب ڏنا پيا وڃن

ڊيٽرائٽ، آمريڪا (پريس رليز) هلندڙ سال جي سيپٽيمبر مهيني جي 3 کان 5 تاريخ تي آمريڪي شهر ڊيٽرائٽ ۾ ٿيندڙ سانا جي 32هين سالياني ڪنوينشن جون تياريون زور شور سان شروع ٿي ويون آهن. نارٿ آمريڪي سنڌين جي هن وڏي ميڙاڪي کي يادگار بئائڻ خاطر سانا جي مرڪزي ڪائونسل پاران ڊاڪٽر ستار شيخ جي سربراهيءٌ هيٺ هڪ آرگنائيزنگ ڪاميٽي پڻ ٺاهي وئي آهي جن جي ميمبرن ۾ڊاڪٽر سلطان باهو شيخ، ڊاڪٽر اعجاز ترڪ، ڊاڪٽر مبين ميمڻ، ادي فرزانه مبين، ڊاڪٽر صديق شيخ، ذوالفقار ڀٽي، خالد ميمڻ، جان بلوچ، عامر عباسي، اشرف ميمڻ، نثار صديقي ۽ عدنان صديقي شامل آهن.

ان حوالي سان سانا جي ايگزيڪيوٽو ڪائونسل جو اجلاس اڄ سانا جي مرڪزي صدر جميل دائوديءٌ جي صدارت هيٺ ڪانفرنس ڪال جي ذريعي ٿيو جنهن ۾ تنظيم جي نائب صدرن اعجازالحق ميمڻ، مقصود سومرو، جنرل سيڪريٽري نورالنساءٌ گھانگھرو، جوائنٽ سيڪريٽري منير سومرو، خزانچي علي حسن ڀٽو، اطلاعات سيڪريٽري ذوالفقار شيخ ۽ ڪنوينشن ڪاميٽيءٌ جي چئرمئن ڊاڪٽر ستار شيخ شرڪت ڪئي.

اجلاس ۾ هيءٌ ڪنوينشن ڊيٽرائٽ شهر جي ايڊورڊ وليج هوٽل ۽ ڪنوينشن سينٽر ۾ ڪرائڻ جو رٿيو ويو، ان هوٽل ۾ ڊبل بيڊ ڪمرا 127 آمريڪي ڊالر ۾ هڪ ڏهاڙِي جي رعايتي ريٽ تي موجود آهن ۽ ان قيمت ۾ ٻن ماڻهن لاءِ ناشتو پڻ هوندو. ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت جي رجسٽريشن في 11 سالن کان وڏي عمر جي ماڻهن لا۽ 125 آمريڪي ڊالر ۽ 6 سالن کان 11 سالن جي ٻارن لاءِ 75 ڊالر مقرر ڪئي وئي جڏهن ته 5 سالن کان ننڍا ٻار فري هوندا. ان رجسٽريشن في ۾ شرڪت ڪندڙن کي منجھند ۽ رات جي مانيءٌ سان گڏ ٻيا خرچ هوندا ۽ اها رجسٽريشن سانا جي ويب سائٽ (ڊبليو ڊبليو ڊبليو.سانالسٽ.او آر جي) تي 15 آگسٽ تائين ڪري سگھجي ٿي. آن لائن رجسٽريشن بجاءِ ڪنوينشن واري ڏينهن تي رجسٽريشن حاصل ڪندڙ 11 سالن کان وڏي عمر وارن کان 150 ڊالر ۽ ننڍن کان 90 ڊالر ورتا ويندا. ڊاڪٽر ستار شيخ ڪيو ته هوٽل جا ڪمرا محدود آهن جيڪي پهريان اچو ۽ پهريان وٺو جي بنياد تي موجود آهن. هوٽل جي بڪنگ جي لاءِ پڻ سانا جي ويب سائٽ تي آپشن موجود آهي.

سانا جي هن 32هين ڪنوينشن جو ٿيم “سانا جي قيام جا ڪارڻ، ان جو ماضي، حال ۽ مستقبل” طئي ڪيو ويو جڏهن ته آمريڪا ۽ ڪئناڊا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين جي هن وڏي ۾ وڏي سالياني ميڙاڪي کي يادگار بنائڻ ۽ نارٿ آمريڪي سنڌين پارن سندن ڌرتي ماءَ جي ماڻهن جي تعليم، صحت ۽ ٻين شعبن ۾ خدمت ڪرڻ خاطر سوچ ويچار لاءِ پڻ سيشن رکيا ويندا جڏهن ته ادبي محفل، ٻارڙن جي سرگرمين کي آخري شڪل ڏيڻ سان گڏو گڏ ڪنوينشن لاءِ سنڌ مان فنڪار گھرائڻ تي پڻ ويچاريو ويو.

سانا جو هيءَ ڪنوينشن هن دفعي آمريڪا جي شهر ڊيٽرائٽ ۾ ٿي رهيو آهي جيڪو ڪئناڊا جي ٽورانٽو شهر کان چئن ڪلاڪن جي مسافت تي آهي، هيءٌ شهر ڪارين جي صنعت طور سڃاتو ويندو رهيو آهي جڏهن ته 60 ملين جي آباديءَ واري هن شهر جي ٻين خوبين ۾ ان جي ڊيٽرائٽ ندي، ان جا چهچ ساوا پارڪ، خوبصورت عمارتون، ان جون مروزڪ ڪلبون ۽ کاڌا شامل آهن ۽ نارٿ آمريڪا جا شهري هن ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت خاطر تمام پرجوش آهن جڏهن ته هر سال جيان هن سال پڻ سنڌ سميت دنيا جي ٻين حصن مان علمي، ادبي ۽ سماجي شخصيتن جي شرڪت جي توقع ڪئي پئي وڃي.

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


31st SANA Convention

31st SANA Convention concludes at Houston with North American Sindhi Diasporas to serve their Country and Nation..Humaira Channa & Shaman Mirali Rocked Houston with Sindhi Songs.

Houston, Texas, USA: 31st Annual Convention of North American Sindhi diasporas social and cultural platform Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) which continued for 3 days, concluded at Hosuton, Texas of USA. The moot was largely participated by literary and political personalities from and all over the world. Its speakers and participants highlighted and discussed extremism, rights of Sindh including deteriorating education, health other social issues of Sind province of Pakistan. The leaders of North American Sindhi diasporas renewed their commitment to contribute positively to boost up the image of their country and Sindhi nation at world level and also to serve their motherland with complete dedication.

On the concluding day, a general body meeting of SANA held in which the central President Jamil Daudi, General Secretary Noorunissa Ghanghro, vice president of Canada Maqsood Soomro, Vice president of youth wing Bakhtawar Hafiz, and Treasurer Ali Hassan Bhutto apprised their members about one year progress report. On this occasion Zafar Agha presented progress report of SANA Fame Fund scholarships being given to deserving and poor students of Sindh for completion of their education. The SANA decided to increase the number of scholarships to maximize the opportunities of quality education for the youth of Sindh. Sindh Skill Development project was also being discussed under which the educated youth are being extended job oriented skill development along with opportunities of employment overseas. Sohail Ansari presented report on Thar Potable Water project.

On last day various sessions and panel discussions were arranged in which SANA decided to connect the youth of North America and Sindh Pakistan through social media for knowledge sharing and professional buildup of each other. Besides, it was also needed to teach Sindhi to the young generation of North American Sindhi families so that they are kept connected with their culture and heritage. A seminar on Helath issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression issues among youth was also arranged by Dr Hafeez Abbasi.

Day’s important session was a political debate in which renowned intellectual, educationist and author of book “Military and Democracy” Aaqil Shah spoke about the major issues of Pakistan. He said that erroneous policies including support to fundamentalism and injustice and inequity in the distribution of resources in Pakistan are leading this country to a big crisis. Shah said that Sindhi and Baloch nations have been deprived of their basic rights and this can be a disastrous to the federation of Pakistan. He said that still we are using term of good Taliban and bad Taliban which proves we have not learn lesson from past.

Last night’s concluding session was to recognize volunteers and local organizers, a Life Time Achievement award was given to recognize the services of renowned vocalist and world level artist Abida Parveen. The Consulate General of Pakistan in Houston, Texas Afzal Mehmood also spoke to the gathering and appreciated the activism of Sindhi community of USA and particularly in Houston to improve the image of Pakistan in this society. In last cremony artists came from Pakistan Humaira Channa and Shaman Ali Mirali rocked the event with their famous songs and mesmerized the audiences who danced on their songs with great enthusiasm. The children presented tableaus and got huge appreciation from audiences.

Earlier, on the second day of event a political session was also arranged to discuss the real issues of Sindh and Pakistan which was addressed by Ayaz Latif Palijo, Mahtab Akbar Rashidi, Zulfiqar Halepoto, Mohammad Ali Mahar, Lakhu Lohano and others who stressed upon the people of Sindh to elect honest and sincere leadership to get rid of corruption which is eroding Sindh. A session on Information Technology was also arranged in which experts including Ex President SANA Iqbal Tareen apprised young generation about the opportunities o employment and entrepreneurship in the field of IT.

A literary gathering was also arranged which was addressed by distinguished laureates and literates from Sindh including ex chairperson Sindhi Language Authority Dr Fahmida Hussain, noted drama and story writer Noorul Huda Shah, noted poet Aakash Ansari, Secretary General of Sindhi Literary Association Dr Mushtaq Phull, Professor Mukhtiar Samu, Dr Saleem Memon and others. A session on education held in which noted educationist Syed Rasoll Bux Shah, Saleem Memon, Asghar Soomro, Aijaz Turk and others gave picute of the education sector to the audiences.

On 2nd day, the noted heads of media houses in Pakistan including chief of Hum TV Sultana Siddiqui, head of Sindh TV Dr Karim Rajper, head of Mehran TV Ghulam Nabi Morai and noted columnist Asghar Soomro spoke in the session “The Role of Media in for an egalitarian society in Pakistan which held under the moderation of Khair Mohammad Kolachi. The first night of the event passed with a session to discuss the issues of Sindhi women. Mahtab Akber Rashidi, Noorul Huda Shah, Dr Fahmida Hussain, Sultana Siddiqui, Nicolita Talpur, General Secretary SANA Noorunissa Ghanghro and others spoke the session and said that even in this era of computer and information technology, a huge majority of Sindhi women are living without basic rights and looks still they are living in stone age. The speakers stressed upon educated people of Sindh to provide maximum opportunities of education, health and employment to their daughters and womenfolk without which no society can survive and compete to the world challenges. Around 600 families participated in this SANA event.


پريس رليز، سيپٽيمبر 07، 2015

هيوسٽن جي هوائن ۾ سنڌ جي گيتن تي جھمرين ۽ جيئي سنڌ جي نعرن سان سانا جي 31 ڪنوينشن جي پڄاڻي. سانا پاران سنڌ جي تعليم جي ترقيءَ خاطر جدوجهد جاري رکڻ ۽ سنڌ سان نينهن نڀائڻ جو وچن. آخري رات حميرا چنا ۽ شمن ميراليءَ جي گيتن آمريڪي سنڌين کي مست بنائي ڇڏيو

هيوسٽن، آمريڪا (پريس رليز) سانا جو هيوسٽن آمريڪا ۾ ٽن ڏهاڙن کان جاري ساليانو ڪنوينشن نارٿ آمريڪا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين پاران سنڌ سان هر حالت ۾ نينهن نڀائڻ جا وچن ڪندي پڄاڻي تي پهتو، آخري ڏھاڙي تي سانا جي جنرل باڊيءَ جي اجلاس ۾ سانا پاران سنڌ ۾ تعليم جي ترقي، نوجوانن کي پرڏيھ ۾ روزگار جا موقعا مهيا ڪرڻ، اسڪالرشپن وغيرھ جي حوالي سان رپورٽون پيش ڪيون ويون. رات واري آخري محفل ۾ سنڌ جي ڪوئل جهڙي آواز جي مالڪ حميرا چنا ۽ شمن علي ميرالي سنڌ جا گيت ڳائي سوين عورتن، مردن ۽ ننڍن وڏڙن کي بيخود بنائي ڇڏيو.

تفصيل موجب هيوسٽن آمريڪا ۾ سنڌي ائسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا (سانا) پاران ٽن ڏهاڙن کان جاري سنڌين جي سالياني عالمي ميڙاڪي جي ٽئين ۽ آخري ڏهاڙِي تي پڻ مختلف سيشن ٿيا. ڊاڪٽر حفيظ عباسيءَ جي نگرانيءَ هيٺ صحت بابت هڪ سيمينار پڻ ٿي گزريو جنهن ۾ شگر، بلڊ پريشر جي بيماري ۽ ان جي سببن، نوجوانن ۾ ڊپريشن جي وڏندڙ رجحان جي حوالي سان ڄاڻ ڏني وئي. سانا جي نوجوانن واري ونگ جي صدر بختاور حافظ جي نگرانيءَ هيٺ پڻ پينل مباحثا ٿيا جنهن ۾نارٿ آمريڪي معاشري ۾ پئدا ٿيندڙ ۽ پلجي وڏو ٿيندڙ سنڌين جي نئين نسل کي سندن ٻولي، تهزيب ۽ تمدن سان جوڙي رکڻ تي ويچاريو ويو ۽ نئين نسل کي سنڌي ٻولي سيکارڻ سان گڏ کين سنڌ جي تاريخ، تهزيب ۽ هيرن بابت ڄاڻ مهيا ڪرڻ لاءِ منصوبه بندي ڪئي وئي. اهو به فيصلو ڪيو ويو ته سانا سنڌ جي غريب ۽ هوشيار نوجوانن کي اعلي تعليم جا وڏ کان وڏ موقعا مهيا ڪرڻ خاطر پنهنجي اسڪالرشپن واري فيم فنڊ پروگرام کي اڳتي وڌائيندي جڏهن ته آمريڪي نوجوانن ۽ سنڌ جي نوجوانن جا هڪ ٻئي سان رابطا وڌائڻ جو پڻ فيصلو ڪيو ويو هڪ ٻئي سيشن ۾ نامياري ليکڪ ۽ تعليمي ماهر عاقل شاھ پاڪستان ۾ ننڍين قومن ۽ خاص طور سنڌين ۽ بلوچن سان ناانصافين جو زڪر ڪيو ۽ چيو ته قومن جون محروميون ملڪن کي اسرڻ ڪين ڏينديون آهن. هن پنهنجي ڪتاب “فوج ۽ جمهوريت” جو حوالو ڏيندي چيو ته جيتوڻيڪ پاڪستان ۾ جمهوريت واپس آئي آهي تنهنجي باوجود ملڪ جي پاليسين ۾ ڪا خاص تبديلي ڪين آئي آهي ڇو ته اڄ به سٺا طالبان ۽ خراب طالبان جا اصطلاح استعمال ڪندي اهو ثابت ڪرڻ جي ڪوشش ڪئي پئي وڃي ته انهن دهشتگردن طالبان کي پئدا ڪرڻ وارو فئصلو درست هيو ۽ ڪنهن نه ڪنهن حوالي سان اهڙيون عوام دشمن پاليسيون جاري رکڻ جي ڪوشش اڄ به جاري آهي. هن چيو ته پاڪستان جي محروم قومن کي پنهنجا حق حاصل ڪرڻ ۽ خاص طور پنهنجي وسيلن جي مالڪيءَ لاءَ اٿي کڙو ٿيڻو پوندو.

سانا ڪنوينشن جي خاص ڳالھ سانا جي جنرل باڊيءَ جو اجلاس هيو جنهن ۾ سانا جي مرڪزي صدر جميل دائودي، جنرل سيڪريٽري نورالنساءَ گھانگھرو، ڪئناڊا بابت نائب صدر مقصود سومرو، نوجوانن جي نائب صدر بختاور حافظ، ۽ خزانچي علي حسن ڀٽو پنهنجيون ساليانيون ڪارڪردگي رپورٽون پيش ڪيون. ان موقعي تي سانا جي سنڌ ۾ جاري منصوبن بابت پڻ رپورٽون پيش ڪيون ويون جنهن ۾ سانا جي فيم فنڊ اسڪالرشپن بابت ظفر آغا جي رپورٽ، سانا سنڌ اسڪول سسٽم بابت ڊاڪٽر اعجاز ترڪ جي رپورٽ، سنڌ اسڪل ڊورلپمينٽ منصوبي بابت علي حسن ڀٽو جي رپورٽ ۽ ٿر ۾ پاڻيءَ جي منصوبي تا سھيل انصاريءَ جي رپورٽ شامل هئي. هن اجلاس ۾ سنڌ ۾ تعليم ۽ صحت جي شعبن ۾ وڌيڪ ڪم ڪرڻ جي گھرج محسوس ڪندي انهن منصوبن کي بهتر انداز ۾ اڳتي وڌائڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو ويو. سانا ڪنوينشن جي آخري تقريب هن ڪنوينشن جي گالا ڊنر هئي جنهن ۾ سنڌ جي راڳ جي راڻي عابدھ پروين کي لائف ٽائم اچيومينٽ ايوارڊ ڏنو ويو. هيوسٽن ۾ پاڪستان جي سفير افضال محمود پڻ سانا ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت ڪئي جنهن پنهنجي خطاب ۾ چيو ته دهشتگرديءَ سبب پاڪستان سڀني کان وڌيڪ ڀوڳيو آهي ۽ هن وقت به پاڪستان جو عوام دهشتگردن سان وڙهي رهيو آهي ۽ ظالم دهشتگرد شڪست کائي رهيا آهن. هن چيو ته سنڌي ڪميونٽيءَ آمريڪي سوسائٽي جي ترقيءَ ۾ وڌ ۾ وڌ حصو وٺي رهي آهي ۽ اها تمام وڏي سرهائي جي ڳالھ آهي ته هيءَ ڪميونٽي پنهنجي جاندار ثقافت کي عالمي سطح تي ترقي ڏيارڻ سان گڏ پنهنجي ڌرتيءَ جي خدمت لاءَ پڻ جاکوڙي رهي آهي جيڪا ڳالھ ٻين قومن لاءِ هڪ مثال آهي. ان موقعي تي سانا جي مرڪزي عهديدارن سان گڏ هيوسٽن ڪنوينشن جي آرگنائيزرس کي ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت ڪندڙن زبردست داد ڏنو. جنهن بعد هڪ نينگريءَ “ڏونگر ڏک نه ڏي” گيت تي ٽئبلو پيش ڪري زبردست داد وصول ڪيو ۽ ان بعد سنڌي فنڪارن شمن علي ميرالي ۽ سنڌ جي ڪوئل جهڙي اواز جي مالڪ ڳائڻي حميرا چنا سنڌي گيت ڳائي نه رڳو هيوسٽن جي هوائن کي گرمايو بلڪه حال ۾ ويٺل سوين عورتن، مردن، پوڙهن پڪن ۽ ننڍن ٻارڙن کي جھومائي ڇڏيو ۽ ماڻهون بيخوديءَ مان قومي گيتن ۽ ڪلامن تي نچندا رهيا.

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا



Houston, July 29, 2014: Sindhi Association of North America’s local Organizing and Executive Committees held a meeting under the chair of its President Mr. Jamil Daudi to review and finalize the arrangements of Sindhi Diasporas annual cultural and social get together. SANA arrange a mega annual event for Sindhi diasporas every year and this time its 30th Convention is being planned from August 29th to 31st at Chicago city of USA, under the theme of “Sindh in 21st Century; Education-the way Forward”

In the meeting, the general secretary SANA Ms. Noor ul Nissa Ghaghro and chairman convention’s local organizing committee Dr Khalil Memon, Dr Aijaz Turk and Dr. Valeed Shaikh apprised the participants that 120 Rooms were arranged at Hotel of venue i.e. Westin O’Hare which were Booked by intending members from community immediately, and the demand for more rooms was received from all over the North America and different parts of the world. They said that keeping in view the demand, some 40 more Rooms have been arranged at another Hotel named by Chicago Marriott Suites O’Hare which is just across the road to the hotel of venue. They further informed that the participation of civil society members from Pakistan including Mr. Kaiser Bengali, Mr. Jahangir Siddiqui and Ms. Sadiqa Sallahuddin have been confirmed while visa for Mr. Hameed Akhund and Mr. Zameer Ghumro are in process.

As per schedule, the event will be started with a cultural show on the evening of 1st day (Friday) August 29th, after the registration of participants. The Sindhi youth will present tableaus and cultural show will be arranged in the session followed by a light musical show. The second day (Saturday) August 30th will be started with a medical camp to facilitate participants with diagnostic service and a seminar on health issues. There after a session will be arranged to highlight the role of “Sindhi Woman in 21st Century” organized by vice president SANA Ms. Shahida Soomro. The noted educationist and poetess Ms. Sahar Imdad will be key note speaker in the session. At lunch time, SANA general body will meet to discuss issues of community and its members and chalk our strategy to bring community close to each other. In evening, a literary session and Mushaera will be held to be presided by veteran poet Mr. Imdad Hussaini with the participation of Secretary General Sindhi Adabi Sangat Dr Mushtaq Phull and other noted writers and poets. In night, a show of an enchanted Sindhi sufi music will be arranged for which the availability of famous Sindhi and Urdu language singer Sanam Marvi and world known sufi vocalist Jamal Din Faqeer with his group, has been ensured.

For the last day (Sunday) August 31st, two separate sessions have been planned to brain storm and discuss the issues and causes of declining standards of education in Sindh. The convention will be concluded by a grand musical show. Whereas the this get together includes tour of historical city Chicago’s famous places and other very interesting educational and career counseling based programs for youth participants of the sindhi diasporas. The meeting also discussed the process of upcoming elections of central body and decided to fix September 15th for the renewal of membership or to done with the membership of new comers. The Executive Committee called upon all its regional secretaries belonging to different parts of America and Canada to mobilize community in membership drive to bring maximum possible community members under the umbrella of SANA.

The President SANA Jamil Daudi in his concluding remarks compelled the assumption that SANA do not have funds to invite political and civil society people to USA by bearing their trip expenses. He said that SANA is an organization that solely depends (Financially) upon the membership fees and generous financial contributions from our die hard SANA members. The majority of our members have blue collar jobs and work very hard to earn their living. They contribute because for them SANA is a home away from home, besides, love for their motherland Sindh is their biggest motivation. Mr. Daudi urged all the intending participants to book rooms and bear other expenses to make their participation in the convention enjoyable and memorable. He said that SANA convention can be a great source of knowledge and lifelong experiences sharing opportunity therefore anyone specially youth can avail advantage of this event.

Along with President Jamil Daudi and general secretary Noor ul Nissa Ghaghro those who participated, were Shahida Soomro, Dr Khalil Memon, Irshad Qazi, Dr Aijaz Turk, Dr Valeed Shaikh, Awais Leghari, Safdar Panhwar, Mansoor Samu, Aijaz Memon, Zulfiqar Shaikh and etc.

سانا جي شڪاگو واري 30هين سالياني ڪنوينشن جي انتظامن جو جائزو وٺڻ لاءِ اڳواڻن جي وڊيو ڪانفرنس، نارٿ آمريڪا، سنڌ ۽ دنيا جي مختلف حصن مان سنڌي ماڻهن جي ميڙاڪي ۾ شرڪت واري جوش کي ڏسندي هڪ ٻي هوٽل ۾ ڪمرن جو انتظام به ڪيو ويو، ٽن ڏهاڙن واري ميڙاڪي ۾ سنڌ امن سول سوسائتي جي ڪجھ اهم شخصيتن، اديبن ۽ شاعرن جي شرڪت سان گڏ صوفي راڳ کي عالمي سطح تي روسناس ڪرائڻ لاءِ صنم ماروي ۽ جمال دين فقير جي سندس ساٿين سميت شرڪت لاءِ انتظام مڪمل

ھيوسٽن(پريس پڌرائي) آمريڪا ۽ ڪئناڊا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين جي سماجي ۽ ثقافتي تنظيم سنڌي ائسوسيئيشن آف نارٿ آمريڪا (سانا) جي 30 هين سالياني ڪنوينشن کي آخري شڪل ڏيڻ لاءِ تنظيم جي ايگزيڪيوٽو ڪاميٽي ۽ ڪنوينشن جي انتظامي ڪاميٽين جو گڏيل اجلاس سانا جي مرڪزي صدر جميل دائودي جي صدارت هيٺ وڊيو ڪانفرنس ڪال جي ذريعي ٿي گزريو جنهن ۾ آگسٽ جي 29 تاريخ کان 31 تاريخ تي آمريڪا جي تاريخي شهر شڪاگو ۾ ٿيندڙ سانا جي هن ميڙاڪي کي تاريخي انداز ۾ منعقد ڪرڻ لاءِ انتظامن جو جائزو ورتو ويو. سانا جو هاڻوڪو ساليانو ميڙاڪو “سنڌ، 21هين صديءَ ۾..تعليم ئي اڳتي وڌڻ جو رستو” جي ٿيم هيٺ رٿيو ويو آهي

اجلاس کي سانا جي سيڪريٽري جنرل نور نساءَ گھا نگھرو ۽ مقامي انتطامي ڪاميٽيءَ جي چيئرمئن ڊاڪٽر خليل ميمڻ ۽ ميمبرن ڊاڪٽر اعجاز ترڪ ۽ وليد شيخ آگاھي ڏني ته ڪنوينشن واري هوٽل “ويسٽ ان او ھائر” ۾ 120 ڪمرا رکرايا ويا هيا جيڪي بوڪ ٿي چڪا آهن ۽ اڃان به ڪمرن جي ڊمانڊ اچي رهي آهي، جڏهن ته ان هوٽل وٽ وڌيڪ ڪمرا موجود ڪونهن، جنهن بعد ان جي سامهان واري “شڪاگو ميريٽ سوئيٽس او هائر” ۾ وڌيڪ 40 ڪمرا رکرايا ويا آهن جيڪي 15 آگسٽ تائين رئائيتي قيمت تي حاصل ڪري سگھجن ٿا. ڪاميٽيءَ پاران ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت جي خواھشمندن کي فوري طور تي پنهنجي لاءِ هوٽل شڪاگو ميريٽ سويئيٽس ۾ ڪمرا بوڪ ڪرائڻ جي صلاح ڏني.

اجلاس کي ٻڌايو ويو ته ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت لاءَ سنڌ مان سول سوسائيٽي جي قيصر بنگالي، جهانگير صديقي ۽ صادقه صلاح الدين جي شرڪت جا انتظام ٿي چڪا آهن جڏهن ته حميد آخوند ۽ ضمير گھمرو جون ويزائون منظوريءَ جي مرحلن ۾ آهن. اجلاس کي اهو به ٻڌايو ويو ته پهرئين ڏهاڙي جمع جي شام جو شرڪت ڪندڙن جي رجسٽريشن بعد ٻارڙن جا ٽئبلو ۽ ٻيا فيملي پروگرام ڪرايا ويندا، جڏهن ته ڪنوينشن جي ٻئين ڏهاڙي ڇنڇر جي صبح جو شرڪت ڪندڙن لاءِ طبي ڪئمپ سان گڏ ميڊيڪل جي حوالي سان سيمينار ٿيندو جنهن بعد سانا جي مرڪزي سانا جي مرڪزي نائب صدر شاھدھ سومرو جي نگراني هيٺ “ 21هين صدي ۽ سنڌ جي عورت جو ڪردار” جي عنوان سان سيشن ٿيندو جنهن جي مکيه اسپيڪر سنڌ جي نامياري تعليمدان ۽ شاعره پروفيسر سحر امداد هوندي. ان بعد سانا جي جنرل باڊي جو اجلاس ٿيندو جنهن ۾ سانا جي ميمبرن ۽ نارٿ آمريڪا ۾ رهندڙ سنڌي ڪميونٽيءَ جي مسئلن جو جائزو ورتو ويندو ۽ اڳتي وڌڻ لاءِ سوچيو ويندو. ان بعد نامياري شاعر امداد حسيني جي صدارت هيٺ هڪ ادبي سيشن ۽ مشاعرو به ٿيندو جنهن ۾ سنڌي ادبي سنگت جي سيڪريٽري جنرل ڊاڪٽر مشتاق ڦل سان گڏ ٻيا اديب ۽ شاعر پڻ حصو وٺندا، رات جو سنڌي صوفي موسيقي جو پروگرام ٿيندو جنهن ۾ شرڪت لاءِ نامياري ڳائڻي صنم ماروي ۽ صوفي راڳي جمال دين فقير جي سندس ساٿين سميت شرڪت جا انتظام ٿي چڪا آهن

ڪنوينشن جي آخري ڏهاڙي آچر تي سنڌ جي تعليم جي ڪرندڙ معيار ۽ ان جي سببن تي غور ڪرڻ لاءِ ٻه الڳ الڳ سيشن ٿيندا جن ۾ سنڌي جي تعليم کي بچائڻ لاءِ غور ڪيو ويندو، ان بعد رات جو ڊنر کان پوءِ سنڌي موسيقي جو گرانڊ شو ٿيندو. ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت ڪندڙ ٻارڙن ۽ نندي عمر جي نوجوانن جي شڪاگو جهڙي تاريخي شهر جي سير سان گڏ انهن جي دلچسپين جا مختلف پروگرام رٿيا ويا آهن جڏهن ته عورتن جي سرگرم شرڪت کي يقيني بنائڻ لاءَ پڻ پروگارم ترتيب ڏنا پيا وڃن.

اجلاس جي آخر ۾ سانا جي ايندڙ مرڪزي چونڊن تي پڻ غور ڪيو ويو ۽نون ميمبرن جي ميمبرشپ توڙي پراڻن ميمبرن جي ميمبرشپ جي تجديد لاءِ 15 سيپٽيمبر آخري تاريخ طور مقرر ڪئي وئي، ان حوالي سان سانا صدر جميل دائودي ۽ جنرل سيڪريٽري نور نساءَ پاران سانا جي ريجنل سيڪريٽرين کي ميمبرشپ مهم کي ڪامياب ڪرائڻ لاءِ ڀرپور ڪردار ادا ڪرڻ جي اپيل ڪئي وئي.

اجلاس جي آخر ۾ سانا جي صدر جميل دائودي چيو ته عام طور اهو تصور ڪيو پيو وڃي ته ڪو سانا وٽ تمام وڏا فنڊ آهن جنهن ڪري سنڌ سميت دنيا جي مختلف هنڌن تان ڪافي دوستن طرفان ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت لاءَ ٽڪيٽ ۽ رهائش و کاڌ خوراڪ جا انتطام ڪرڻ جو چيو پيو وڃي جيڪو سانا لاءِ ممڪن ڪونهي ڇو ته سانا پنهنجي ميمبرن جي فين تي هلي ٿي جن مان گھڻائي سفيد پوش ماڻهن جي آهي جيڪي گھڻو چندو ڏيڻ جي پوزيشن ۾ ڪون هوندا آهن. هن چيو ته سنڌ سان محبت رکندڙ ڪجھ دوست پنهنجي حال آهر ڪجھ وڌيڪ مدد ڪندا آهن تنهن ڪري ئي ميڙاڪا ڪرائي سگھبا آهن. هن چيو ته سانا جا ميڙاڪا ۽ خاص ڪري سانا جو ساليانو ڪنوينشن سنڌ جي تهذيب، تمدن ، ثقافت ۽ ٻوليءَ کي عالمي سطح تي روشناس ڪرائڻ سان گڏ مغربي دنيا جي تعليم، واپار، نوڪرين ۽ عملي زندگيءَ جا وسيع تجربا رکندڙ ماڻهن سان ڄاڻ ونڍڻ جو زبردست ذريعو رهندو آهي تنهن ڪري جيڪو به سنڌي ۽ خاص ڪري اهي نوجوان جيڪي اهن ميڙاڪي ۾ شرڪت جي مالي سگھ رکندا هجن تن کي سانا پاران خوش آمديد چيو ويندو باقي ٽڪيٽون ۽ رهائش صرف هڪ ٻن فنڪارن ۽ ٻن چئن مکيه اسپيڪرس کي ڏيڻ ئي ممڪن آهي.

اجلاس ۾ سانا صدر جميل دائودي، جنرل سيڪريٽري نور نساءَ گھا نگھرو سان گڏ اعجاز ڪولاچي، شاهدھ سومرو، ڊاڪٽر خليل ميمڻ، ارشاد قاضي، ڊاڪٽر اعجاز ترڪ،ڊاڪٽر وليد شيخ، اويس لغاري، صفدر پنهور،منصور سمون،اعجاز ميمڻ، ذوالفقار شيخ ۽ ٻين حصو ورتو. سانا جي هن ڪنوينشن ۾ شرڪت لاءَ نارٿ آمريڪا سان گڏوگڏ سنڌ ۽ دنيا جي ڪنڍ ڪڙڇ ۾ رهندڙ سنڌين پاران روايتي جوش ۽ جزبو ظاهر ڪيو پيو وڃي جتي کين هڪ ٻئي سان ملڻ ۽ تجربن جي ڏي وٺ سان گڏ پنهنجي لازوال تهزيب، تمدن، ٻولي ۽ ثقافت کي عالمي سطح تي روشناس ڪرائڻ جا اڻکٽ موقعا ملن ٿا.

محمد علي مهر
صدر سانا
سنڌي ايسوسيئشن آف نارٿ امريڪا


13th October 2012


We, the undersigned Sindh Diaspora Organizations, Sindh Nationalist Parties and Sindh Civil Society Organizations unequivocally and resoundingly reject the Bill passed by the Sindh Assembly, to give a legal facade to the SPLGO 2012.

It may be remembered that this same forum had twice rejected this and a previous ordinance emanating from the Governor House, which had the same purpose: Administrative, Fiscal and eventual Political Division of Sindh.

This forum view these repeated onslaughts on the fundamental rights of the Sindhi nation on their own land as an act of aggression against humanity.
The Sindhi Nation is not only cognizant of the contents and intentions of this so called “Bill”, but has resolved to struggle for its reversal.

The obscure and back room circumstances and haste surrounding the promulgation of first, the SPLGO and second its passage into “law” by the Sindh Assembly on 1st October 2012, further and finally confirmed to the Sindhi Nation that the intentions of the current partners in the ruling Sindh Government, the PPPP and MQM, are malafide. This coalition stands rejected by the Sindhi nation, and has lost their confidence.

The SPLGO has been designed to further disempower and disenfranchise the Sindhi nation in their own historic homeland. It is aimed to divide Sindh administratively with a view to its eventual political division in the future.

Further, the SPLGO privileges urban areas dominated and controlled by the MQM and expands their writ into adjoining areas where their vote base is non existent. The SPLGO has given the MQM a license to eradicate or render marginal, the vast Sindhi speaking population that lives in Sindhs urban areas particularly in and around Karachi and its historical districts and coastal areas. The cooperation and compliance of PPPP leaders in delivering to the demands of the MQM, shows that the PPPP is not in a position to safeguard the interests of Sindh.

Sindh’s entire civil society, Nationalist Political Parties and Sindhi Diaspora Organizations stand united in their opposition to the SPLG Bill.

The SPLG Bill stands rejected.
Sindhi Association of North America, SANA, USA
World Sindhi Institute, WSI, Canada, USA+Europe
World Sindhi Congress, WSC, USA+Eurooe
Sindhi Sangat Middle East, Dubai+Sharjah+Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sindh Bachayo Commitee
Awami Tehreek, Sindh
Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party, Sindh
Sindh United Party, Sindh
Awami Jamhoori Party, Sindh
Sindh National Movement, Sindh
Sindh Univerity Teachers Association, Sindh
Centre for Peace and Civil Society
Women’s Action Forum, Sindh

Press Conference


1st July 2012

Statement released to the press by 13 Sindhi National and International Organizations on the occasion of 28th annual SANA convention

We the representatives of Sindh Progressive National Alliance (SPNA),[Awami Tehreek (AT), Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STTP), Sindh United Party (SUP) Sindhi Sangat Middle East (SSME), International Sindhi Women’s Organization (ISWO), ], Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF), Indus Peoples’ Forum (IPF), Sindhi Association of North

America (SANA), World Sindhi Congress (WSC), World Sindhi Institute (WSI) , and Sindhi Sangat United Kingdom (SSUK) , condemn the on-going human rights violations in Sindh and the systematic denial of social, political, and economic rights of Sindhis.

Sindh joined Pakistan in 1947 as an autonomous and sovereign state based on the agreement enshrined in the 1940 Pakistan Resolution. From inception however, the Pakistani state denied sovereignty to the Bengali, Sindhi, Baloch and Pushtun, Seraiki nations that joined the federation. Today, 65 years later Sindh is deprived of autonomy and the governance of its own affairs and has become a veritable colony of Punjab establishment.

The current composure of centralized Pakistan has made it an undemocratic, theocratic, and unstable state which has become a threat to the global security. The Sindhi Nation seeks support from the international community in the following major challenges facing Sindhis.

1. Sindh is the historic motherland of the Sindhi Nation since millenniawe believe in the integrity of Sindh and its geographical division is unacceptable to Sindhis under any circumstances. We condemn all the conspiracies being waged against the integrity of Sindh.
2. Sindhi and other major languages of Pakistan have always been discriminated against.We demand that all the national languages of Pakistan i.e. Sindhi, Baluchi, Pushto, Seraiki and Punjabi be declared the national languages of Pakistan.
3. Pakistan State policies have been designed to render Sindhis into a minority in their own homeland.The orchestrated influx of populations from other provinces as well as outside the country since 1951 and flawed house census of 2010 has disenfranchised native Sindhis. A new census under supervision of an international body must be carried out.
4. The proposed new Zulfikarabad City in south Sindh negates all criteria for sustainable and judicious development and will pose a further demographic threat to Sindh. The project of Zulfikarabad must be cancelled.
5. Sindh has been deprived of its due share of water resources since the last five decades. This has shattered the agricultural economy of Sindh and has resulted in ecological devastation of the Indus Delta region.. Even the Water accord of 1991 which went against Sindh’s interest, is being violated ; and further dams and canals are being planned by the Government of Pakistan which will further reduce Sindh share of water from the Indus; all water appropriation policies must cease immediately.
6. Numerous Sindhi political workers and leaders are being forcibly disappeared,tortured and killed by Pakistan’s security agencies, and state supported non state actors. This is creating fear, intimidation and harassment amongst all civil society.
This state terrorism must stop immediately and an impartial judicial commissions must be set up to enquire into all cases of target killings, torture and disappearances. The missing political activists must be produced immediately.
7. The floods of 2010 and 2011 that devastated economy of Sindh and rendered 20 million Sindhis homeless. This was mostly a result of negligence, corruption and mismanagement of the Governments of Sindh and Pakistan. There is an urgent need to develop a master plan for rehabilitation of flood affectees in Sindh. Further appropriate
contingency plans for the next monsoons must be prepared for August 2012 monsoons and forthcoming years.
8. The Sindhi Nation is committed to the philosophy of religious tolerance. Pakistan must stop supremacy of theocracy and patronage of religious extremists and militants as well as stop the policies of war and nuclear proliferation. The systematic discrimination of Hindus, Christian, Ahmedis and other religious minorities must also stop forthwith.
9. Karachi, Sindh’s capital city, has become a hot bed of ethnic violence and lawlessness destroying Sindh’s economy and political stability. In particular we condemn the massacre of 12th May 2007 and 22nd May 2012 in Karachi by a known terrorist outfit and demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice immediately. Army and federal paramilitary deployment in Sindh has further deteriorated the situation. Government of Sindh must be allowed to organize its own paramilitary forces exclusive to the province.
10. Sindh’s education system has been destroyed from primary to university level. We demand that an education emergency must be declared in Sindh and the issues faced by the public sector universities specially Sindh University, must be addressed. In particular as is the practice in other provinces following 18th amendment , all governance issues of Public Sector Universities should be handled
by Chief Minister’s office rather than the office of Governor.

The Executive Council (EC) and Members of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) are shocked, deeply grieved and condemn in the strongest terms the cold blooded murders of:
1. Peaceful participants of‘Muhabat-e-Sindh’ (Love of Sindh) rally
2. Muzaffar Bhutto, central secretary general of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM)

The first incident was obviously perpetrated by anti Sindhi criminal elements, being patronized by the current government, their allies and the secret agencies of Pakistan. These murderous barbarians systematically gunned down unarmed demonstrators, including women and children, in broad day light.

Whereas, as reported by his family and friends, Mr. Bhutto had been forcibly abducted and kept under the custody of secret agencies since February 25, 2011. The family members, friends, party workers and civil society had been appealing and staging demonstrations for recovery of Mr. Bhutto ever since. A petition had also been filed in the apex court of Sindh, but in vain.

We are appalled at the sheer audacity and utter disregard shown by the Pakistan government and its law enforcement apparatus in this case. As despite domestic and international pressure, he was killed while in the custody of government agencies. His bullet riddled body, stuffed in a gunny bag, was delivered to civil hospital Hyderabad by some people who disappeared after leaving the body.

Both of these incidents, just a few weeks after the mysterious death of chairman Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) Bashir Khan Qureshi, and the recent demands for breaking up of Sindh to carve out a a Mohajir (Immigrant) province, leave no doubt in our minds that a conspiracy has been hatched to further intensify the blood bath in our beloved motherland.

We call on all International Governmental Agencies (IGOs) including the United Nations (UN), Governments, democratic forces, peace loving people all over the world, specially members of US congress and the US Government, to use all their influence and power to prevent further chaos in Pakistan.

We believe that this has to be done with the utmost urgency as the country is on the brink of total collapse, because all pillars of governance including Executive, Judiciary and Legislature has been corrupted to the core and become completely ineffective.

We invite all Sindhi organizations, working in Sindh and abroad, to join us at our next annual convention, to be held in New York, from June 29th, to July 1st, to create a common platform, for the survival, of our thousands year old civilization.

All the regional chapters of SANA, both in the US and Canada are requested to organize local meetings to increase public awareness.
Finally, but foremost we call on the people of Sindh to stand up for their inherent rights of justice, security, welfare and liberty.

Sindhi Diaspora Organizations (SDOs) REJECT recently promulgated Sindh Governor Ordinances
We the undersigned Sindhi Diaspora Organizations (SDOs) that represent the most educated, progressive and economically stable section of Sindh Civil Society and who continue to maintain deep and robust socio-economic and political relations with Sindh
REJECT outright the recently promulgated Sindh Governor Ordinances that attempt to divide Sindh .
This thievery , gerrymandering and trickery by the MQM aided by PPP through obscure back room dealings between the MQM and the PPP in blatant disrespect of the recent parliamentary decision taken by the Sindh National Assembly restoring the Comissionerate system to Sindh as a whole, STANDS condemned by ALL Sindhis at home and abroad.
We the Diaspora members of the Sindhi nation , who are forced to live abroad due to lack of opportunities and freedoms in our own resource rich motherland will defy all and any attempts to introduce Military Rule or Civil Government Rule through Ordinances or Armed Threats
We , the Sindhi nation will never allow our homeland to be divided politically, administratively, geographically or militarily.
Sindhi Association of North America, SANA
World Sindhi Congress, WSC, UK-USA, Europe
World Sindhi Institute, WSI, USA-Canada,
Sindhi Sangat of Middle East, Dubai
Asim Riaz Kaghzi
Information Secretary
Sindhi Association of North America
MOU signed between SANA and Engro Foundation Pakistan for Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Farmers in Sindh
Sindhi Association of North America to Utilize $150K Raised Donations for the Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Farmers in Sindh Pakistan
Garden Grove, CA, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), a non-profit organization based in USA and Canada announced today of its signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Engro Foundation, Pakistan for the partnership project to rehabilitate farmer communities in District Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan. The Memorandum was signed between Dr Veleed Shaikh, the President SANA and Tahir Jawaid, a Trustee of Engro Foundation.

In Fall 2010, Pakistan faced one of the worst flood in the living history. The flood took the lives of more than 2000 people and livelihood of more than 20 million people in Pakistan. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called a
“slow-motion tsunami.” Comparing the number of people affected by the floods in Pakistan in 2010, Mr Ki-moon said, “That is more than the entire population hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake, Cyclone Nargis, and the earthquake in Haiti – combined.”

More than 10 million people were affected in Sindh, losing their homes, livelihood, villages and loved ones. More than 5000 villages and towns have totally disappeared from the face of the earth. More than 40% of farmland in

Sindh is still under water and perhaps will not be ready for planting of next year’s crops. The floods have severely damaged the communication networks and infrastructure in Sindh province.

SANA Flood Relief Committee with the coordination of Dr Aijaz Turk and its members namely, Ms Noornisa Ghaghro, Mr. Jamil Daudi, Dr Saghir Shaikh, Dr Valeed Shaikh and Mr Asim Kaghzi, raised about $150,000 USD with grass root efforts of it members and friends throughout the USA and Canada.

About $24,000 (approx PKR 20 lacs) were sent in Fall 2010 to Sindh Graduates’ Association, an non-profit organization in Sindh, to support of a few relief camps in Karachi.

SANA shall be spending US $124,000 (approx. PKR One Crore) in buying the milk producing livestock to approximately 100 farmers in flood affected villages in District Dadu – one of the worst hit area in Pakistan. It has partnered with Engro Foundation, which shall be responsible for execution of the project and providing the logistic an planning support. A deliberate effort will be carried out to involve women farmers. It is estimated that project of buying and supplying the livestock will be carried out in 3 months. Both SANA and Engro Foundation will jointly monitoring the progress of the rehabilitation for twelve months.
“We wanted to spend major portion of funds in rehabilitation effort, we wanted to help people of flood affected areas rebuild their lives, our goal was to identify a project and a reliable partner, this project of live stock restocking addresses both challenges,” said Dr Valeed Shaikh , the President of SANA.
“In our focus areas of Sindh over 3.5 million livestock have been affected in Kashmore, Shikarpur, Larkana, Jacobabad and Dadu”, said Mr Jiwan Das, Director Engro Foundation.

Engro Foundation is very wlel placed to carry this kind of project as it has also partnered with USAID, Pakistan for the rehabilitation of livestock in other flood affected areas of Sindh under the project named ‘Khushaal Livestock’ program.
“It is a small contribution for a big disaster but for SANA it is big achievement and we owe this to the victims. It is tragic time for our people in Sindh,” said Dr Aijaz Turk.

“This is a great display of a grass-root effort” said, Ms Noornisa Ghanghro Vice President SANA, “SANA members, friends, and American and Canadians public opened their hearts and wallets to raise these funds. Many individuals and organizations came forward to help,” she added.

It has been reported in International media, that even six months after the worst floods in the history of Pakistan, millions are still in dire need of assistance, and there are new warnings about malnutrition in the worst-hit province, Sindh. But money donated to the prime minister’s relief fund has still not been spent.

Dr Maqbool Halepota,General Secretary SANA said that the SANA shall continue raising funds for such projects. The relief and rehabilitation will take years to normalize, added Mr Halepota.

Flood relief work and fund raising campaign updates can be viewed at

About Sindhi Association of North America (SANA): SANA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to unite Sindhis in North America and everywhere; to defend the historic national rights of Sindhi people; to foster friendship and understanding between Sindhis and other nationalities; to educate people about Sindhi Civilization, philosophy, values, language, literature, history and heritage; to carry out educational and relief work in Sindh and other provide resources for Sindhis living in North America. For more information visit

About Engro Foundation: Engro Foundation is committed to growth of sustainable societies in which people have access to choices and opportunities for development. The Foundation serves as a single platform for community engagement activities and social investments of Engro affiliates. By pooling their financial and managerial resources under the Foundation, Engro affiliates seek to create large scale social impact. For more information visit
The Sindhi association of North America (SANA) held its 26th annual convention in Houston Texas, USA, from 2-to 5th July, 2010. Theme of the convention was “Sindhi Youth and Future of SANA”.

Sindhi families and individuals from all over from USA, Caribbean, Sindh and other places attended the convention. More than four hundred gathered at the convention and showed their love for Sindh.

Chairman local organizing committee Zafar Agha welcomed present Executive council of SANA in Houston to conduct this memorable convention.

Welcome speech delivered by present general secretary of SANA Dr. Shabir Shaikh. President SANA Valeed Shaikh declared the convention open.

Former General Secretary of SANA, Irshad Kazi talked about the journey of 26 years of SANA and its role to bring together Sindhi community living in USA and Canada.

Information Secretary Aijaz Memon presented a report that SANA is planning to launch educational TV channel in Sindh to spread education in remote areas of Sindh. And discuss the progress of this project that SANA is planning to buy a TV channel already working in Pakistan.

New web site of SANA was launched and inaugurated by SANA EC and invited guests. Masood Baloch, the man behind the website, explained various features of the new website. He said it is more interactive and includes more options. It also has links to websites to listen Sindhi music and Sindhi videos.

This year Convention has significance that involved Sindhi youth living in different states of America and conducted half-day session involving youth’s presentations and different entertainment activities. Youth groups were divided in three categories having sessions according to their interests. A quiz competition was conducted for children under 12 years age group to refresh their memories about family relations names in Sindhi, where large number of children joyfully participated and participants enjoyed cute American English style Sindhi pronunciation of relations in Sindhi by those children.

Under seventeen age youth group included Marui Shaikh, Rehman Memon, Shayan Shaikh, Paras Imdad Sehar, Anshal Brohi, Mashal Brohi talked about Geography, culture, and famous personalities of Sindh and Importance of Sindh in their PowerPoint presentations. This session moderated by Dr. Ali Shaikh.

For above 17 years age group a separate session was moderated by Amal Agha and Omad Jani. Six young panelists included Saagar Shaikh, Marvi Turk, Bakhtawar Hafiz, Shumaila Panhwar, FaryalShaikh, Amal Agha and Omad Jani. All panelist delivered very energetic and emotional speeches and presented their vision of SANA and their role to make SANA attractive for Sindhi youth living in America.

They presented practical and feasible suggestion such as they said that Sindhi families living in USA speak English with their children while this can be reverse. So the young generation will be able to speak Sindhi more fluently which lead their more involvement towards Sindh and Sindhi culture.

They said huge number of Sindhi youth living here is ready to get involved in practical projects for the economic and social development of Sindh and they are eager to lead those projects which can coordinate youth living in Sindh and here in USA.

They suggested SANA leadership to involve more youth in SANA decision making level such as having vice president youth in executive council of SANA.

Litrary session Sindhi Adbi Sangat moderated by Irshad Qazi. Aijaz Turk, Jamil Daudi, Munawar Laghari, Jami Chandio and Aziz Narejo read the poetry of different poets. Sardar Ali Shah visiting from Sindh shared his own poetry. Mumtaz Chang and Mohammad Ali Mahar also recited their poetry.

Medical Seminar was moderated by Hafeez Abbasi where he talked about heart diseases. Dr. Aijaz Turk talked about Colone Cancer and Dr. Sattar Shaikh talked about diabetes.

General Body meeting started by GS Dr. Shabir shaikh and presented last year progress report. Treasurer and information secretary presented their repots.

Fame fund progress presented by Mr Zafar Agha.

Aziz Narejo presented resolutions those were approved by general body. This session concluded by president SANA DR. Valeed shaikh.

General body discussed that how to improve working of SANA, expansion of its membership, donation and contributions and to start charity work in Sindh.

General Body also focused on the Involvement of youth in SANA.

Guest speaker session: Present Day Sindh-water issue and Economy of Sindh moderated by Mohammad Ali Mahar. Speakers included ANG Abbasi, Sono khangharani, Dr Jan Mohammad Memon, Adnan Kehar and Aslam Balouh.

Senior member of Sindh Abadgar Board Aslam Balouch talked about the present Agricultural situation in Sindh and how water scarcity has lead to poverty in Sindh. He said lack of sincere efforts by government has worsened the situation.

Dr. Sono Khangharani cheif executive of Thardeep and Sindh Rural Support organization discussed the progress and importance of Sindh rural support based programs in joint venture with government of Pakistan where he said at this stage they were working in six districts of Sindh. Next year they will expand to more districts. He said this project aims to reduce poverty in Sindh through integrated development.

Adnan Kehar talked about the efforts to establish and sustain IBA sukkur. He said in future they wanted to uplift this institution to university level. Purpose of the institution is to provide international quality education to students belonging to rural areas of Sindh.

ANG Abbasi in his keynote address said that before construction of any dam anywhere in Pakistan assessment should be made to see the availability of water in that area. He said there is a need to make strategy to use surplus water. He said 1991 water accord should be implemented. He said even though Sindhis accepted this accord, justice was not being done to Sindh.

Second part of Guest speaker session moderated by ex president of SANA Aziz Narejo. Topic of this session was present day sindh- Socio political conditions in Sindh. Invited guests for this session included Jami Chandio, Zulifqar Halepoto, Dr Qader Magsi and Ram Jethmalani.

A sindhi writer and journalist Jami Chandio focused on the need to establish institutions that can create leadership for future. He said in urban Sindh, Sindhi middle class has started emerging but facing challenge to continue Sindhi language to next generation because children are taught in Urdu or English.

He said we had galaxy of role model in every field but now we are not preparing role model for future generation. He emphasized on the importance of collective work for national cause and for that we need to change our behavior from individualism to collectivism.

Zulifqar Halepoto talked on 18th amendment and situation of Pakistan. He said that it was a gender blind amendment. He said presently Sindhi writers feeling themselves directionless he said it is important to change ourselves before talking about the changing society.

Dr Qadir Magsi emphasized on the importance of language and culture. He said weakening language means weakening roots of a people. He said Sindh is moving in wrong direction. We are creating more corrupt and broker class. He said we have to progress with new vision, we wanted our integrity back. Sindhi are peaceful and secular nation. He said I wanted to suggest every American Sindhi family to speak Sindhi in their home so their children can come closer to Sindh and Sindhi culture

Chief Guest Ram Jethmalani, former Indian Union minister, member Rajya Sabha and president of the Supreme Court of India said that I am representative of scattered Sindhi people living around the globe. He said I was forcefully separated from my land during partition of subcontinent. I have experienced a living of refugee but I never thought about revenge. In the refugee camp, I decided that if India and Pakistan will not become friends they both will be destroyed, and with that belief I have lived in India. He said I wanted to claim that Pakistan doesn’t have any better friend then me in India. He said I respect all religions and every person has to live his life according to his religious believes.

He said I think it would be not great exaggeration if I say all ships and all the navies of world can swim comfortably in the ocean of innocent blood, which has been shade in the name of religion.

He said corrupt politician and education has a conflict of interest. Once a voter becomes educated then he asks why I am poor and you are rich so corrupt politician always wanted people uneducated.

He said I have thought to share with youth that please have a courage to speak the truth. We are going through very delicate situation today if our youngster do not learn and pickup the courage to speak the truth democracy will never survive, freedom will disappear from your hand and future will remain in the dark.

His emphasis was on the need and importance of education. He said no society can survive without education. Democracy with out education is hypocrisy without limits.

He said there are two signs of Sindhi sabhita (culture). One is internal which is to serve the people and the other one is language. He said essence of sindhyat is secularism.

SANA Convention ended with Banquet Dinner with musical night where Sindhi artists from Sindh Humaira Channa and Arshad Mehmood performed Sindhi songs.

Press Release prepared by Noornisa Ghanghro
Houston TX, November 11, 2005
SANA supports the national languages’ amendment bill
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) welcomes and fully supports the Constitutional Amendment Bill presented by MNA Abdul Mujib Pirzado in the National Assembly to declare Sindhi, Punjabi, Siraiki, Pushto and Balochi as national languages of the country. A statement issued in USA today said that the amendment is a step in the right direction and would fulfill a longstanding demand of the people of the four federating units of Pakistan.

SANA feels that the five languages spoken by the majority of people in Pakistan should get their rightful place in the country and the government should provide necessary funding and infrastructure for the preservation and promotion of these languages.

SANA appeals to the members of the National Assembly to adopt the amendment bill with an overwhelming majority. It will send a positive message to the people of Pakistan and undo injustices meted out to the indigenous languages and cultures of the country.

Aziz Narejo
Sindhi Association of North America
President SANA requests all the list members to please call the MNA’s from their areas to support the bill. They should also talk to their friends from other provinces to do the same. The names and phone numbers of the MNA’s can be found at the following links:

Washington DC, July 3, 2005

SANA President, Mr. Aziz Narejo addressed a press conference on the occasion of the 21st Annual SANA Convention on 3rd July in Washington, DC. Here is the text of the press statement. Later journalists asked some questions, which were appropriately answered:

Dear friends and colleagues,
We have presented to you the resolutions adopted at the General Body Session. I won’t repeat them here. I would like to emphasize only a few points. But before that, I would like to talk a little about (SANA) Sindhi Association of North America.

Friends, SANA is a membership based, democratic, representative and mainstream organization of Sindhi immigrants in USA and Canada. It is mainly a social and cultural organization. It is secular in character and welcomes all the community members irrespective of their faith, belief or political orientation. We have members that belong to different political ideologies and also with democratic or republican leanings.

We try to bring together our community here and hold regional gatherings and annual conventions.

We are not a political organization and neither are we affiliated in any way with any political party or a group. We have never accepted any outside funding – and rely on membership dues, community contributions and sponsorships to meet our expenses.

Having said all that, I would like to emphasize that we follow our bylaws and the consensus of our community when we comment on political, economic, social, cultural, human rights and other issues in Pakistan. We firmly support a secular democratic dispensation in Pakistan and don’t want to see any military role in the civilian affairs. It is our firm belief that the four federating units of Pakistan should be treated at par and should have equal stake in the country. Maximum provincial autonomy should be accorded to them as that is the only safeguard against rather frequent military takeovers.

We think that direct military rule or military dominated governments are against the spirit of a “true federation“ actually they are the negation of the federation thus they undermine the stability and the integrity of the country. They have proved fatal for the country in the past and would harm it in the future.

We don’t mind who governs the country meaning that a Prime Minister could be from any province as long as he/she is elected through a credible and independent election and as long as the establishment or its agencies have no role in the process.

Through your good offices we demand that democracy should be restored in Pakistan and the military should go back to barracks and do their duties as enshrined in the Constitution. Other things we have mentioned in the resolutions.

Resolutions passed at the 21st. SANA Annual Convention at Washington, DC

The general body of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), during its 21st. Annual Convention, held from July 1 – 4, 2005, in Washington, DC, adopts the following resolutions:

Political Victimization of Opponents: The general body (GB) of SANA condemns the highhandedness of the ruling regime of Pakistan in general, and Sindh in particular. It is a matter of great concern that even a gentle soul like Jam Saqi is not immune from the terrorization perpetrated by the present puppet government in Sindh. SANA demands that all the political and other victimization must end in Pakistan and in Sindh and the people be allowed their birthright of dissent and freedom of expression.

NFC Award: SANA GB demands that the distribution of financial resources be made on the basis of revenue generation among other factors and the policy of appeasement to one particular province at the cost of others be abandoned forthwith. The GB is concerned that by blocking the just award of NFC, the federal government of Pakistan is depriving Sindh of its rightful share of billions of rupees.
Priority to education, health: SANA demands drastic cuts to the huge military budget and diversion of funds to education, health and other social sector projects.

Provincial Autonomy: SANA is of the view that the provincial autonomy is the core issue in Pakistan and at the center of many ills in the country. SANA demands that the provinces be granted autonomy according to the 1940 Resolution.
Sindhi should be made National Language: SANA demands that Sindhi be made one of the national languages of Pakistan besides Punjabi, Siraiki, Pushto and Balochi.
Division of Districts and Towns: The SANA GB reminds the present Chief Minister of Sindh and his unpopular Sindh Government that their policy of dividing districts and town to benefit an ethnic group is harming the permanent interests of the people of Sindh. The GB demands that the policy to divide the districts, talukas and town on ethnic basis must end as it will create permanent split in the province and would be harmful for the peace and harmony.

Return to unadulterated Democracy: The SANA GB demands of the military government of Pakistan to return power to the people, who are sovereign and the real masters of their destiny. The GB observes that whenever there is a military government in power, it is always Sindh that has to suffer the most due to its non-representation in the armed forces. Even now a number of military officers, are occupying prized positions in Sindh, at the cost of Sindhi civil servants, and making decisions contrary to the interest of Sindh.
Just Distribution of Water: The SANA GB observes that while the towns in the NWFP and Punjab provinces are under the threat of submerging due to floods in Kabul and Indus rivers, not a single drop of water is flowing downstream from Kotri barrage, thus leaving Badin and other towns of Sindh in the worst kind of drought. It is due to the highhandedness and unjust policy of the masters ruling the country with an iron fist that hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile land in the southern Sindh are turned into barren, sandy marshes or taken over by the sea. The SANA GB calls upon the powers that be to abandon the anti-Sindh schemes of Kalabagh and other dams and stop the construction of Greater Thal Canal forthwith. The SANA GB warns the government of Pakistan that by continuing with these anti-Sindhi schemes, it is greatly jeopardizing the unity and integrity of the federation.

Unsafe drinking water: SANA is concerned that a vast majority of the people don’t have an access to safe drinking water. Most of the sources of drinking water including the Indus River, canals, lakes and reservoirs have been poisoned due to the unprocessed drainage of human, industrial and agricultural waste. SANA demands immediate measures of the provision of potable water to all the people and compensation to the affectees of the RBOD and LBOD.

Land allotments to Military: SANA demands an end to the allotment of agricultural, residential and commercial land to the military personnel.

Justice through Jirga: The SANA GB condemns the new practice of endorsement of Jirga system by the government of Sindh in the name of reconciliation and settlement. The GB reminds the chief minister of Sindh that the Sindh High Court has outlawed such practices of deciding bloody feuds by non-judicial people; therefore, by encouraging jirgas he is committing the contempt of court. The GB demands of the government of Sindh to stop the illegal practice of Jirga system, continuation of which will greatly harm the civil society and take the Sindhi people to dark ages.
SANA condemns the government for hushing up the ghastly crime of rape against Dr Shazia Khalid, a lady doctor in Sui, Balochistan. It demands that an impartial inquiry be instituted and culprits brought to the justice. SANA also demands justice to Mukhtaran Mai and other victims.

SANA demands protection to minorities in Sindh and Pakistan and stop atrocities against them.
SANA expresses concern over the lawlessness in Sindh and Pakistan and demands immediate steps to establish the writ of law.


Los Angeles, California, February 14th 2004

Sindhi Association of North America, SANA, has expressed solidarity with the people’s struggle in Sindh against the Greater Thal Canal and other mega water projects including the proposed Kalabagh Dam. Mr. Sani Panhwar, president SANA, said in a statement issued here today that the present government’s water policies are creating disharmony in the country. He urged that the government should immediately stop these dangerous and most divisive projects and should instead build a consensus on alternate projects.

Mr. Panhwar cited the multiple resolutions passed by the Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan assemblies against the proposed Kalabagh Dam and the Sindh Assembly resolutions against the Greater Thal Canal. He also mentioned the recent massive rally in Karachi against the Greater Thal Canal and KB Dam. The government should listen to the demands by the JSQM workers staging hunger strike unto death in Karachi and should take immediate steps so no harm comes to any precious life, he said.

Mr. Panhwar demanded that the government should ensure that Sindh gets its due share in water, NFC, employment and development projects. He warned that continuation of injustices would deepen the prevalent crises and would be highly detrimental to the federation.


October 5th 2003
SANA Condemns Assassination of Young Journalist

Los Angeles, CA (USA): Sindhi Association of North America, SANA, has strongly condemned the killing of a young journalist, Ameer Bux Brohi, in Shikarpur, Sindh. SANA, in a press statement issued in Los Angeles, CA today expressed grave concern over the safety of journalists working in a province, hard hit by lawlessness.

The statement said the situation is extraordinarily precarious in the North and the Northwest of the province. These parts have specially become a no go area due to the influence of tribal gangs and the inhuman Jirga system, in which the crimes are committed by the members of the tribal Mafia and then these cases are taken to the tribal leaders, who patronize the criminals.

The SANA spokesman cited the assassination of Shahid Soomro, another young journalist in Kandhkot, in the Northwest Sindh, last year. The murder case couldn’t go to the courts as his killers belonged to the family of the influential Bijarani tribe. It was decided by the so-called tribal Jirga.

SANA has demanded the immediate arrest of the assailants of Ameer Bux Brohi and has called upon the journalist and human rights organizations in Pakistan and the world over to take the notice of the lawlessness and high rate of crime in Sindh, where the government has utterly failed to provide security to the people. There are hundreds of cases of honor killings, kidnappings for ransom, murders and other heinous crimes reported in Press.

SANA Spokesperson


July 30th 2003

Sindhi Association of North America, SANA, has expresses it’s concern over the news reports suggesting that the Governor and the Chief Minister of Sindh are about to make major concessions on the life-threatening issue of the ‘Greater Thal Canal’, construction of other dams and water projects upstream and the distribution of financial resources among the provinces. SANA, the mainstream organization of Sindhis living in North America, has cautioned the present Sindh leadership against taking any steps that may harm the interests of the people of Sindh.

SANA Spokesperson, commenting on a proposed meeting between the governors and chief ministers of Sindh and Punjab in Lahore on July 30th, said any decisions taken in such a meeting would be unconstitutional and will have no bearing as all the inter-provincial matters are supposed to be discussed in the Council of Common Interests, CCI, according to the Articles 153-155 of the Constitution.

He said the Federal Government should forthwith stop the work on the ‘Greater Thal Canal’ as the people of Sindh have rejected the project and the provincial assembly has passed two resolutions against it. No major water projects should be undertaken without the expressed consent of the people of Sindh, he demanded.

SANA expressed complete solidarity with the Anti Greater Thal Committee in its call for hunger strike against the proposed meeting slated for July 30th. It called on all the people in Sindh to fully support the call made by the AGTCAC and participate in the strike. SANA also called upon the fair-minded people in all the other provinces to stand by the just demand of the people of Sindh.


(Statement read at the joint SANA, WSC, WSI press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on June 24)

Army rule, a cancer for society
Members of the press corps, ladies and gentlemen,

We are here today to present the case of the people of Sindh and Pakistan who have long been suffering under military regimes. The years of autocratic rule in the country have played havoc with the psyche of the people. The military rulers have introduced large-scale corruption that has damaged and mutilated the face of the society beyond recognition. They have created a class of people, with a vested interest in the continuation of army rule – a worst kind of opportunism with an inborn malice towards democratic set up and disregard for the law of the land and the Constitution.

The history of the armed forces’ invasion of the civil society goes back to the early 1950s when the army under its ambitious commander, General Ayub Khan started to spread its tentacles. General Khan maneuvered to subjugate all branches of the society. He engineered frequent dismissals of the governments and the dissolution of the elected assembly. He finally captured power on 27th October 1958. Since then, army has been ruling the country – for most part through direct rule – and for the remainder – through its proxies, by intimidation and the brute use of the rangers and the intelligence agencies. The present regime is the continuation of that evil scheme of things.

To perpetuate its hegemony, the army has imposed a Unitarian set up, which denies provincial autonomy to the provinces. A large part of the national budget is appropriated for the armed forces exclusive use. To further control the things, a huge demon has been created in the form of ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence agency. First established in 1948, it was strengthened under the army dictators, Ayub Khan and Zia to consolidate the junta role in all the spheres of the society.

We hear of a state within a state or a government within a government but in this case, we have a state ABOVE state and a government ABOVE government. ISI, which has grown too big for its boots, is no longer answerable to anybody. The result is that there has been no real supervision of the ISI. Corruption, narcotics, and big money have all come into play, further complicating the political scenario. Drug money has been used by ISI to finance not only the previous Afghanistan war, but also the other ongoing proxy wars. It has large sums of money at its disposal, which are used very effectively to enforce ironclad hold over society in the country and create mischief elsewhere.

It were the intelligence agencies, which created and supported fundamentalist forces in the country. These forces have continuously been used against the secular and democratic forces. Later they were also used to train ‘Mujahideen’ for wars abroad. And now one of their utilities is to create a ruse to blackmail the United States and other western countries.

ISI’s Political wing with enormous resources at its disposal, has been used to manage, or in other words, rig all the elections held since 1980s in order to deny the popular, secular, democratic political forces any effective role in the affairs of the state. The formation of Islami Jamhoori Ittehad, IJI, in 1988, to defeat and or to contain the Pakistan Peoples Party of Benazir Bhutto and the distribution of huge amounts of money to achieve that goal, have been acknowledged by former ISI operatives.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Pakistan happens to be situated right in the heart of a very sensitive part of the world. A war on terrorism is underway in Afghanistan and within Pakistan’s own borders. Its next door neighbors in Central Asia claim huge oil and gas reserves. An outlet, a pipeline, to carry natural gas, could pass through Pakistan. It has countries like Iran, India and China surrounding it. And then there is its proximity to Russia, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.

I fail to understand how such an important country has been left to a highly unstable government? That is what Musharraf government is a government based on fraud and illegality. An artificial set up. A general, who was dismissed by a Prime Minister, instead of respecting his authority, staged a coup against the government. He committed high treason according to the Article 6 of the Constitution and imposed himself on the country without any mandate.

This shaky government, which has no roots in the ground, can perish in thin air at any time leaving behind a great mess as such governments have in the past. This government is creating divisions in the country and pushing it to destruction and disintegration as such governments have in the past. This government can bring wars and sufferings to the people as all the past wars there have been fought under military governments. How can such an unstable government serve the interests of peace? Interests of the civilized world?

Ladies and Gentlemen: The majority of the people of Pakistan consider the present government and the army rule as a cancer for the society. All the political parties worth a name want a return to democracy, provincial autonomy and restoration of the 1973 constitution in its original form. They are protesting in the parliament and the provincial assemblies and marching on the streets. The lawyers, as the other sections of the society, have categorically rejected the whimsical “Legal Framework Order”, the LFO, issued by dictator Musharraf, unilaterally amending the constitution.

The regime is unleashing state power to silence all the opposition. It has arrested, tortured, kidnapped and imprisoned elected representatives of the people. The regime has denied basic human rights to the people. It has curbed the press freedom. It uses all the means to keep the media in line! It uses high-handed methods when some journalists stand up and refuse to bow down. Such journalists are manhandled by the plain-clothes men, a code word for ISI thugs.

Some incidents to point out are the recent resignation of the editor of weekly Independent. The editor, a courageous journalist, who refused to cower down, was pressured to resign from his paper, which subsequently changed its policy. Supporting the regime now! Another case in point is that of a senior journalist, former Chief Correspondent of Pakistan’s leading English daily newspaper ‘Dawn’ and ex-editor of daily ‘The News’, another major newspaper from Pakistan. When he exposed the corruption in the government, he was forced to resign. That courageous journalist, Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, started a weekly Internet newspaper, satribune here in USA. As he continued exposing the real face of this so-called clean government, his relatives were maltreated in Pakistan. False cases were registered against one of his relatives. And now the government has blocked his paper through the servers over which the government has monopoly in the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I think the crimes of the dictators should be considered as crimes against humanity. And with shrinking international borders, if SARS doesn’t take too long to reach the shores of North America, so may these crimes against humanity. They may affect the polity in the civilized world and may endanger the institutions here as well.

I would ask you to consider just one scenario: I know it is unthinkable but just for the sake of making a point: suppose one fine morning an army general captures power in a civilized country, imposes Martial Law and changes the constitution at will. And then think of a foreign country that supports, protects and does business with that general. What would you think of that country, which is supporting and protecting the usurper? Unfortunately, that is exactly the perception that the people of Pakistan have about the United States’ support to all the military dictatorships in that unfortunate land!

In my opinion, the policy makers of this nation, would do a lot good to their long term objectives if they would elect to side with the people of Pakistan – the democratic forces in the country – instead of supporting and protecting the corrupt to the core military officers, who by now are universally despised in the country. And one should not forget that anybody seen doing business with them wouldn’t earn friendship of the common men – that is the men and women on the street.

In the end, I would like to request members of the media, the think tanks, the intellectuals, the government and all the pro-democracy people to come to the aid of the people of Sindh and Pakistan. Please extend a hand of real friendship to the people – not to the army men, who have become parents of all the ills in Pakistan and have occupied every thing of value in the country: They are of course the military bureaucracy but now they are the civilian bureaucracy as well. They have become the feudals, the industrialists, the businessmen, the traders, the diplomats, the owners of prize real estate, smugglers of the contraband and most of all the armed Mafia!

The people of Sindh and those of many other parts of Pakistan don’t want a big army. They don’t want the arms race in the region. They don’t want the dirty bombs. They don’t want any chemical or atomic weapons.

Ladies and Gentlemen: so many people have said it for so many times, but I would still like to repeat it that the people of Sindh and Pakistan don’t ask for the stars or the moon. They just want to live in peace with rights that are taken for granted in the civilized, democratic world. They want a rightful, dignified place in the comity of nations. Let’s help them achieve that achievable goal.


Lawndale CA
June 17, 2002

People in Sindh are facing unprecedented hardships in all spheres of life. They have been denied basic human rights, opportunities in economic development and due share in national resources. The most lethal injustice is being committed against them in the shape of the construction of illegal ‘Greater Thal Canal’ and denial of its due share in NFC award.

In these circumstances, it is heartening to know that political forces and other people belonging to different sections of society in Sindh are coming together to launch a decisive struggle against the construction of Greater Thal Canal. The Sindhi Association of North America, SANA expresses its solidarity with the people of Sindh, who are engaged in democratic struggle for their rights.

In the same spirit, SANA has joined hands with other two organizations in North America, WSC and WSI to hold a press conference at the National Press Club in Washigton, DC and to stage a rally the same day in the capital to coincide with the visit there by dictator Musharraf, whose government has surpassed all the records of injustices against the people of Sindh.

SANA appeals all the Sindhis and other peace loving, pro-democracy people living in Washington, DC area to attend in big numbers the press conference and the rally. The timings of both the events are as follows:

9-10 AM Press Conference

The National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, 13th
Floor, Zenger Room, (202) 662-7500

12 NOON-2 PM Rally & Protest

McPherson Square, 15th & H Streets, NW

SANA has arranged another rally in Los Angeles during the presence of Pakistani dictator in the city to highlight the plight of Sindh and Sindhis. The details of the rally will be communicated shortly.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
General Secretary, SANA

Lawndale CA


November 12, 2002

SANA Condemns Attempts by Government, Local Elders to Protect Murderers of shaheed Shahid Soomro
Sindhi Association of North American (SANA) while mourning the tragic death of a brave journalist, Shahid Soomro at the hands of the sons of a Bijarani Sardar, condemns in the strongest terms the attempts by the local ‘elders’ to coerce the relations of Shahid Soomro into an out of court settlement through a so-called Jirga in order to protect the murderers.

SANA deplores that the jirga system, which used to be an excellent tool for the poor to get quick and timely justice in the days bygone, has become an instrument in the hands of mighty in Sindh to pressurize and punish the weak and protect rich and powerful.

SANA finds it unfortunate that those who should have been in the vanguard of justice have started to serve as petty brokers for the local waderas in case of Shahid Soomro’s murder.

SANA also condemns the callous attitude of the governments of Pakistan and Sindh — which left no stone unturned to unearth the criminals involved in the murder of Daniel Pearl, an American journalist, but have adopted a criminal indifference in case of a Sindhi journalist’s murder. SANA finds both governments guilty of ineptitude in that they have failed to protect lives and property of common man in Sindh and as a result dacoities, rape, and kidnapping have become the order of the day. SANA condemns the government for not taking notice of the connivance of the local police which is playing hand-in-glove with the Bijarani feudal lords and trying to favor the murderers of the martyred journalist.

SANA assures the relatives of shaheed Shahid Soomro, who have heroically avowed not to rest until the murderers are taken to the gallows, of its fullest support and heartily congratulates them for the brave resistance that they have put up against the intimidating and coercive attempts of the supporters of the killers to pressurize them into a settlement in the name of jirga.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
General Secretary,
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)

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Lawndale, CA


October 1, 2002

Mr. Ali Kazi
Kawish Television Network
Hyderabad, Sindh
SANA Congratulates Kawish on Launching of KTN.

Dear Mr. Kazi
On behalf of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) it is my privilege to congratulate the Kawish team on launching of the first ever Sindhi television channel, Kawish Television Network (KTN). The need for such a strong medium to give a voice to the otherwise underrepresented people of the Sindh was being felt for a very long time.

Keeping in view the strong bias of the official Pakistani electronic media against the regional languages and cultures, especially Sindhi, we hope that KTN will be able to bring to the world the hidden and still unexplored cornucopia of this one of the most arresting cultures of the world as well as provide better and unhindered opportunities for the local artistry to exploit their full potential. We also hope that the channel will resist all undemocratic moves of the government might to block the truth and present without fear or favor a clear and untainted picture of the events unfolding in the Sindh.

SANA considers launching of KTN channel, especially at the time when Sindh needs its voice to be heard by the whole world loudly and clearly, as a vital step in the right direction and thanking the Kawish team once again extends the full hand of cooperation.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
General Secretary,
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)

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Lawndale, CA


October 1, 2002

SANA Condemns Illegal and Unethical Construction of Akhori Dam
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) condemns in the strongest possible terms the conspiracy hatched by the undemocratic regime in Pakistan to build Akhori Dam – a new dam of the same magnitude as the condemned Kalabagh Dam on the River Indus. SANA would like to remind the people of Pakistan that such unilateral and unjustifiable decisions taken by the self appointed rulers of the country to appease only one set of people have harmed the harmony among the peoples and hampered the solidarity of Pakistan in the past and will not bode well for the future of the country.

In a situation where once fertile lands in Sindh have been turned barren due to illegal construction of dams and canals in the upstream areas in northern Pakistan; due to unfair distribution of Indus water by the people manning WAPDA and IRSA; and due to a powerful military lobby trying desperately to irrigate their lands in Thal and Cholistan desert at Sindh’s cost, we consider the construction of a new dam a fatal blow to the life and agriculture in Sindh. In a situation where even the drinking water has become scarce in some areas of Sindh, the construction of a gigantic storage reservoir will only mean death to the already famine-stricken Sindh.

SANA strongly objects to the manner in which such important decision are taken at the whims of one group of persons in blatant disregard to the wishes of the people of Sindh and other smaller provinces. SANA call upon the justice-loving people of Pakistan to resist such divisive moves of the undemocratic and repressive regime with full might and raise their voice in unison with that of Sindhi people so that a message could be delivered to the dictators that the rights of the Sindhi people shall be protected at all cost.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
General Secretary,
Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)

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April 10, 2001

Arlington, TX, USA, APRIL 10, 2001 — Sindhi Association of North America’s Sindh Rights Committee (SANA’s SRC), congratulates Sindhiani Tahreek, Awami Tahreek and its leaders Jeeji Zareena Baloch and Rasool Bux Palijo and all participants and supporters of long march for triumphant conclusion of their first phase of historic journey. Sindhi community of North America and SANA’s Sindh Rights Committee are resolved to maintain their solidarity with Sindhi people’s democratic struggle for their individual and collective human rights.


SANA’s SRC condemns Pakistani police for barbaric treatment of Sindhi leader Mr. Palijo and inhuman violence against women and small children who were peacefully exercising their God given right of assembly and freedom of speech. Inflicting injuries on baby Soonhan Gopang, Sindhi veteran leader Rasool Bux Palijo, Peeral Bhano, Ponam Menghawar and other peaceful protesters manifests the inherent cowardliness of the dictatorial regime in Pakistan.

Mr. Tareen said that the Sindhi people have reached their threshold of patience. The constant provocation of Sindhi people will result into an avalanche of anger never witnessed before. SRC also warned that continued violations of Sindh’s primary right over the Indus water ownership will lead to an irreversible tragedy in South Asia. No one else but the poor governance, greed of the ruling classes and the dictatorship of the majority will be held responsible for the future losses.

Mr. Tareen demanded immediate release of all prisoners of conscience including those arrested in the long march. SANA’s SRC also demanded immediate institution of sovereignty of small provinces, restoration of democracy and rights of other minorities in Pakistan.

Media Contact: Aziz Narejo


March 25th, 2001

Sindhi Association of North America is outraged at the recent government action against peaceful demonstrations in Sindh and other parts of the country. SANA declares its complete solidarity with the united struggle of Sindhi people for their historic national rights and against unfair distribution of economic and natural resources in the country. SANA strongly believes in the restoration of democracy and provincial autonomy in Pakistan based on a historic covenant of 1940 Lahore Resolution.

We demand that all imprisoned leaders Rasool Bux Paleejo, Wishnoo Mal of Awami Tahreek (AT), Dodo Maheri of Sindh National Party (SNP), Abrar Kazi of Sindh Democrats Party (SDP), Zahida Shaikh of Sindhiani Tahreek (ST), Muhammad Rahimoon of Jeeay Sindh Qaoumi Muhaz (JSQM), Hakeem Zangejo of Sindhi Shagird Tahreek (SST) and Hiader Mallah of Sindh Taraqi Passand Party (STP) and hundreds of workers be released and freedom of speech and assembly be restored immediately.

SANA supports 4-point struggle of oppressed Sindh against acute water shortage, arrests of political leaders and workers, district govt. plan and unemployment. SANA also supports the call of “Sindh Solidarity Day” which is being observed on March 26, 2001.

SANA President, Mr. Sani Panhwar assured imprisoned Sindhi leadership of his organization’s support for unity amongst all overseas Sindhi organizations. He mentioned that SANA has already taken very important steps by establishing SINDH RIGHTS COMMITTEE under chairmanship of former SANA president Mr. Iqbal Tareen. SINDH RIGHTS COMMITTEE has issued a call for united action of all overseas Sindhi organizations to support current struggle in Sindh. We have received positive response from various individuals and groups. It is SANA’s goal to invite all Sindhi parties and groups to arrange an inclusive All Sindhi “Meeting of Minds” during its annual convention in July, 2001. The objective of this gathering will be to determine common grounds for combined future initiatives.
Aziz Narejo
Sindhi Association of North America
President SANA requests all the list members to please call the MNA’s from their areas to support the bill. They should also talk to their friends from other provinces to do the same. The names and phone numbers of the MNA’s can be found at the following links: