Council of Past Presidents

  1. A.k.a “Grievance Committee”. The Committee, shall be headed by Saaeen Aziz Narejo.
  2. The committee shall comprise only the past presidents as its members. The number of committee members will be decided by the committee chair.
  3. The Committee shall receive, review and give an opinion on all the grievances brought forward by any of the active members of the organization.
  4. The Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding any questions of ethical conduct that may be raised about any of the members of the organization.
  5. This Committee shall present its reports/findings and recommendations to the Executive Council for action.
  6. The committee will not entertain any personal quarrels or disputes between members.
  7. This committee will only look into the complaints converning organizational matters or where any interpretation or guidance is required regarding the matters pertaining to our bylasws.
  8. This committee will only take up complaints from paid & current SANA members.

Council Members

Picture Position Name سنڌي Email
Avatar Chair Aziz Narejo عزيز ناريجو
JADaudi77056 Member Jamil A Daudi جميل داؤدي
KHashmani22102 Member Khalid Hashmani خالد هاشماڻي
MLakho62226 Member Mazhar Lakho مظهر لاکو
محمد علي مھر Member Mohammad Ali Mahar محمد علي مھر
SPanhwar91752 Member Sani Hussain Panhwar سني پنھور
VShaikh55317 Member Valeed Shaikh وليد شيخ
Member Iqbal Tareen اقبال ترين