SANA Resolutions 2018

34th Annual SANA Convention, Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, MD, July 6-July 9, 2018

Whereas the members of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), a community organization of Sindhis living in North America, have a great interest in the situation in Sindh and Pakistan as most of them have family roots there;

Whereas SANA members feel that the state of Pakistan has utterly failed to uphold the principles of the 1940 Resolution, (AKA, “Lahore Resolution” or “Pakistan Resolution”), that guaranteed the sovereignty of the component states; it has given birth to inequality, injustice and, animosity among the people and the provinces;

Whereas SANA members feel that since the inception of Pakistan, the people of Sindh have been continuously denied their due economic, social, cultural, political and national rights and their province has been rendered into the most exploited colony;

Whereas SANA members are of the view that the federal and provincial governments have failed to protect the life and liberty of its citizens especially that of the Hindu community members, women and minorities;

Whereas the federal and provincial law enforcement agencies are engaged in highhandedness, unlawful detentions, forced disappearances and fake encounter murders on the basis of political dissent; the authorities have also failed in stopping violence and terrorism; SANA feels that it is the prime responsibility of the state to protect the life and property of the citizens;

Whereas Sindh has continuously suffered under corrupt, inefficient and ineffective administrations with feudal mindset that has denied any meaningful development and progress in the province and the welfare of the people; and

Whereas SANA members are deeply concerned at the failure of successive Sindh governments to put together visionary plans and policies to uplift the masses, providing them with good education, better health & civic facilities and ensuring and safeguarding their prosperous livelihoods;

Whereas SANA members are concerned at the reported attempts by the establishment to influence upcoming general elections to get “positive” results; and therefore be it

Resolved that the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)

1. urges the Pakistani Parliament to amend the Constitution to bring it in accordance with the 1940 Resolution that is THE foundation of the country;

2. urges the Pakistani Parliament to amend the Constitution to recognize Sindhi as National Language of the country.

3. urges Sindh government to take special measures to educate girls as SANA firmly believes that when you “educate a girl, you empower a nation”.

4. urges the federal and Sindh provincial governments to fully protect the rights of women. They must be treated as equal citizens and must be provided full protection under the law and crimes against them must be stopped forthwith;

5. calls upon the federal and Sindh governments to fully protect the rights of the Hindu
community members and other minorities; religious conversion of Hindu community members and forced migration of Hindus from Sindh must be stopped;

6. urges the federal and provincial governments to stop strong-arm tactics in Sindh that
include registration of fictitious cases, unlawful detentions and fake encounters and
murders; it demands that all the victims of forced disappearance must be either released immediately or produced before the courts of law forthwith and give them full opportunity to defend themselves.

7. condemns the violence and terrorism in Sindh, other parts of Pakistan and elsewhere
on religious, sectarian or ethnic bases;

8. urges the government to take strong action without any discrimination against all the
parties, groups, and individuals in Pakistan involved in terrorism and violence; the state
must protect the life and property of all its citizens;

9. urges the related institutions and departments to take stern action against all forms of
corruption, nepotism, inefficiency, and wastage in the government; and

10. urges the government to work for betterment, prosperity, full employment, business and industrial development and the general welfare of the people on war footings, improve the education and health sectors and build the necessary infrastructure for progress.

11. urges the federal and provincial election commissions to ensure free and fair elections and urges the federal and provincial caretaker governments to make sure that level play field is provided to all parties and all candidates and to hold elections in a peaceful atmosphere.

Khalid Memon
General Secretary,