Sindhi Association of North America


Scholarship Programs

Fame Scholarship

SANA Dr. Feroz Ahmed Memorial Educational (FAME) Fund Scholarship Program was developed to provide merit/Income-based financial assistance to Sindhi students who are obtaining education in various universities and colleges in Sinch. In this way, SANA helps them to achieve their educational dreams.

Understanding the difficult times faced by most Sindhi families in providing higher education to their children, SANA awards every year several scholarships to meritorious students from low-income families residing in Sindh.


In 1998, paying tribute to the late Dr. Feroz Ahmed, a prominent Sindhi social scientist, and educationist, SANA established an educational fund, that is, Dr. Feroz Ahmed Memorial Educational Fund (FAME Fund).


Based on the donations received every year from SANA Community in North America, each year SANA awards scholarships to the most deserving Sindhi students.

Scholarship Programs

There are 3 Scholarship Programs

(SZABIST), Larkana Campus – 8 scholarships, each $1000. For girls students of Sindh rural areas.


During the academic year 2021-2022, SANA awarded 30 scholarships.


With an annual budget of $30,000.00, as listed above, a total of 30 scholarships will be awarded during this academic year 2022-23.


SANA FAME Scholarship Committee manages the scholarship program whereas the SANA Treasurer collects, manages, and disburses funds as per selection/instructions of the SANA FAME Scholarship Committee. The selection of applicants is made strictly based on merit + family income.

In the shape of SANA FAME Scholarships, the SANA Community in North America sincerely tries to make positive difference in the life of our Sindhi students who, in a very difficult situation including financial hardships, are struggling to obtain higher education in Sindh. Our contribution to ease their financial hardship may be considered small, but, it is our appreciation of their hard work in the form of Scholarships award, makes big difference.