Sindhi Association of North America


About SYNA

Dear SANA members,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our youth organization called SYNA. This group was designed to help the youth meet new people and find out more about there culture.


Surhan Memon
SYNA Vice President

When was SYNA formed?

This wonderful organization was created in April of 1998. This group was formed by Humair Baloch on the request of former SANA president Mr. Mazhar Lakho

Why was SYNA formed?

This organization was designed to unite and help communicate with our Sindhi youth. The secondary purpose was to form a way for the Sindhi youth to meet new people, keep in touch in the future, and lastly create a network for the younger generation. I’d like to thank everybody who read this, I really appreciate it!

What are the goals for SYNA

The goals of this organization are to unite the youth in the best way possible. Meaning, interacting with one another, and learning about Sindh in detail. Also to meet new people just like them.