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2019/06/28 17:00:00


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Austin, TX – USA
13 January 2019

SANA deeply distressed over highhandedness of government agencies in Karachi

SANA, the largest diaspora organization of Sindhis in the world, is deeply anguished at the highhandedness of government agencies in Sachal Goth, Karachi.

According to the reports making rounds on social media and carried by newspapers, personnel of a uniformed law enforcement agency, accompanied by a few persons in civil clothes, attacked the house of the convenor of Voice of Missing Persons, Sorath and Sasui Lohar, in Sachal Goth, Karachi, and attempted to forcibly kidnap their 16 years old minor brother Sanghar Lohar. When ladies tried to resist the kidnapping, they were manhandled and badly beaten by the armed personnel.

Reminding the government of its constitutional responsibility to protect and safeguard every citizen’s right to life and property, SANA expresses its deep concern at the ever-growing number of enforced disappearances in Sindh. The father of Sasui, Sorath and Sanghar is already missing for the last several years.

It is appropriate to remind the government that not very long time ago, the chief spokesperson of Pakistan Army instructed the news media in Pakistan to show the positive side of Pakistan. SANA feels that such blatant acts of highhandedness by the government agencies such as performed in Sachal Goth, Karachi, will not help in presenting a very positive side of the country.

SANA feels that in today’s world where news spreads fast thanks to social media, the excesses committed by the government agencies will not remain hidden from the world, and, aside from alienating and antagonizing a large section of country’s own population, will badly hurt country’s image internationally.

SANA, originally formed in 1984, is the largest representative, democratic and mainstream organization of Sindhis living outside Sindh. Since its members have a great stake in Pakistan and its affairs, SANA strongly supports the struggle for democracy, rule of law, independent judiciary and issues such as, girl education and women empowerment.

Mohammad Ali Mahar

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)