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Austin, TX
24 September 2018

SANA concerned over Dam frenzy in Pakistan

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) has expressed grave concern over the continued disregard for the water rights of the lower riparian areas in Pakistan. In a statement issued in Austin, Texas today, SANA president, Mr. Mohammad Ali Mahar expressed shock over the renewed, extremely divisive dams’ frenzy that threatens the rights of the lower riparian areas of Indus River.

SANA president said it is distressing to see that Islamabad has consistently shown total disregard for the point of view of the lower riparian province, specially the tragic situation in the coastal districts of Sindh where over 3 million acres of fertile land and several towns and villages have come under sea intrusion. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their livelihood and they have been displaced from their homes. They have never been paid any compensation and no government, present or past, has ever put in place legally binding safeguards to save depleting southern delta and Indus river ecosystem.

The statement said, no obstruction on River Indus will be acceptable that has any latent or obvious potential to divert or choke the free flow of Indus. Statement further added that water regimes have been imposed on Sindh without province’s representation.

It said the SANA executive Council has formed a “SANA Indus Water Rights Committee” to work with various subject matter experts, stake holders and friends of the lower riparian to study the issue and find solutions for mitigation of risks and threats to the collective human and water rights of lower riparian.

The proposed Indus Water Rights Committee will be authorized to represent SANA.

Mohammad Ali Mahar

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)