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2018/07/06 17:00:00



Press Release & News

Austin, TX, USA
Mar 7th, 2018

SANA considers Jam Saqi’s death an irreparable loss to humanity, especially Sindh

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) has expressed profound grief and sorrow at the sad demise of a legendary progressive, leftist, Marxist Sindhi leader Comrade Jam Saqi. In a statement issued in Austin, Texas, SANA paid rich tributes to the fallen hero of the 4th March, 1967 movement when Sindhi students had risen against the Martial Law regime of General Ayub Khan. In the coming years, Comrade Jam Saqi became symbol of resistance against tyranny of various dictatorial regimes and a strong voice for peasants, labour, working class and downtrodden.

The statement noted that comrade Jam Saqi had become active in student politics in 1960s. He was General Secretary of Hyderabad Students Federation and later founder president of Sindh National Students Federation. He was in the forefront of the struggle against One Unit and the demand to publish voter lists in Sindhi in late 1960s. Jam Saqi was a leftist progressive leader who struggled for democracy, rule of law, peoples’ rights and the rights of peasants and labour. Injustices against working class and downtrodden brought him close to the Marxist ideology. He joined the Communist Party of Pakistan and later became General Secretary of the party.

Jam Saqi was a sincere, tireless and hardworking political activist who gave the true meaning to the word ‘Comrade’. He suffered immensely for his political activism and his principles facing severe hardships.. His family was also put under tremendous stress forcing his wife to commit suicide. Jam Saqi spent most of his political life either in prisons or remaining underground. He was subjected to severe torture at the infamous dungeons of the Lahore Fort also under military dictatorship. All of that couldn’t break his resolve to be on the side of the working class.

Another great aspect of Jam’s legacy was creation and mentoring of a large number of active political workers across the country. His demise comes as a tragic loss and shock to all his friends and the activists who struggled along side with him.

SANA salutes the courage and the valiant struggle of Jam Saqi for democracy and peoples’ rights and sends condolences to his family and well wishers.. His sad demise is a great loss to the working class, peasants and pro-democracy forces in the country.

Mohammad Ali Mahar


Sindhi Association if North America (SANA)

Austin, TX, USA
Feb 11th, 2018

SANA Joins in mourning the death of great human rights crusader, Asma Jahangir

Sindhi Association of North American (SANA), in a press statement issued today, has expressed deep shock and sorrow over the death of the great human rights warrior, Asma Jahangir.

Asma Jahangir, the statement said, was embodiment of reason and justice, who spent her entire life fighting against the forces of tyranny and injustice. She was a fearless warrior for the rule of law who did not care for her life when it came to resisting injustice or defending truth.

Asma Jahangir remained a beacon of resistance against injustice. In her death the world has lost one of the greatest crusaders for human rights and justice, whose void will take a long time to fill.

SANA extends deeply felt condolences to the world human rights community.

Mohammad Ali Mahar
President, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)