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Austin, TX – USA
28 March 2020

SANA EC announces new SEHCAR سهڪار Fund to help Sindh with COVID-19 situation and beyond

The world is facing the gravest of all health emergencies in the form of COVID-19 pandemic. USA being the worst hit country in the world, Sindh, our ancestral land, is not faring better either. The difference is USA is better equipped to handle the situation, Sindh, on the other hand, needs help. We, in the North America, need to come forward with any assistance we can provide to our less fortunate loved ones in Sindh in any way and form we can.
However, we understand that COVID-19 is a transient issue, which hopefully will be taken care of soon, EC feels that SANA should always be prepared to provide assistance on the immediate basis ……

Mohammad Ali Mahar

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA)