33rd Annual Convention
Los Angeles, Jun 30-Jul 3rd
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34th Annual Convention Washington DC

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Press Release & News

Sept 30th, 2017

Committees Formed

Subsequent to the decisions made in the teleconference held on 9/30/17, the Executive Council (EC) of SANA is pleased to announce the formation of the following committees with immediate effect:

Grievance Committee:

  1. A.k.a “Past Presidents Committee”. The Grievance Committee shall be headed by Saaeen Aziz Narejo.
  2. The committee shall comprise of past presidents as its members. The number of committee members will be decided by the committee chair.
  3. The Committee shall receive, review and give an opinion on all the grievances brought forward by any of the active members of the organization.
  4. The Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding any question of ethical conduct that may be raised about any of the members of the organization.
  5. This Committee shall present its reports/findings and recommendations to the Executive Council for action.

Membership Committee: 

i. The Membership Committee shall be chaired by Dr. Hafeez Abbasi.

ii. The committee shall consist of the active members of SANA, the number of which shall be decided by the committee chair.

        iii. The committee shall be tasked to approach Sindhis living in North America and increase the membership of SANA

 Fund Raising Committee:

  1. Dr. Aijaz Turk shall chair the Fundraising Committee.
  2. The committee shall consist of the active members of SANA, the number of which shall be decided by the committee chair.
  3. The Fund Raising Committee shall raise funds for the purposes of charitable, disaster relief and rehabilitation work and the work in the fields of education, research, health and any other fields and purposes as decided by the Executive Council.
  4. The committee shall work in close coordination with the President and the General Secretary and any other EC officer(s) assigned the work by the President with the approval of the Executive Council.

 The chairpersons for the committees are requested to forward the names of respective committee members to EC as soon as possible.

Thank You

July 12, 2017.

33rd. Annual Convention of SANA (2017) – Firsts

There were many firsts at the 33rd. Annual Convention of SANA:

·         First of all, as promised at the time of the election, SANA EC presented a brand-new website at the convention, backed up by a robust financial database, complete with reporting and self-service registration/account/renewal capabilities. Please visit www.sanaonline.org to see the magic yourself. You have to be a registered member to fully realize the potential of the application. The website and its corresponding database are developed by SANA treasurer Hasnain Shaikh on the base website created by Adi Darakhshan Memon. Registered members have the privileges to perform self-service …….