Sindhi Association of North America

Future Web Updates

Future Web Updates

The following functions are under consideration for the next phase of continuous web site upgrading:

Categories/Subcategories of Donations

This will enable us to create additional categories and/or sub categories of donation types. The system will be developed as such that we will be able to create and/or delete all categories and subcategories without the need of a programmer.

Volunteer Pledges & Automatic Reminders

  1. We will allow the members to pledge donations online with any time frame.
  2. There will also be an admin function to record when the pledge has been received. We will send an alert if pledge has not been received by the committed date. The will have two option to pay the pledge, online or remove from the pledge alert.
  3. We will accept the pledge payments from the web. Upon making the payment, an alert will be generated to admin. Admin will need to check the payment has been received and will update it The pledge/member can check his pledges, paid pledges, not paid etc. online.

Option to Upload The Financial Reports

Currently financial reports are loaded thru a programmer. We are looking to update the system so financial reports can be loaded by our web admin without the help of a programmer and these reports be available to all members instantly.

Reminder For Members Renewal

To remind our members for renewal of their membership, an email will be sent on 7/1 of each year at midnight to those who have not renewed their membership yet. The email will have 2 options:

Same email will be sent each month on the first until the member chooses to have him removed from this reminder list or renews the membership.

When a member logs-in whose membership has been expired, the member will receive instant alert about his membership being expired and will allow him to renew his membership right then.

There will be a function in admin part of the web that will allow to retrieve members with expired membership, send an alter right away or remove selected members from the database.

Member Forum

Currently member forum has separate logins. We are looking to synchronize with the member’s web login.

What’s App

With this update, members will be able to access what’s App from our web site.