Sindhi Association of North America


22nd Convention 2006 Toronto, CA

Chair LOC Sarfraz Memon

Report Prepared by Kohsher Ahmed, General Secretary

Convention of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) successfully took place from June 30 to July 3, 2006 in Toronto, Canada. The convention was at the Marriot hotel at airport Toronto, Canada.


The three-day convention was fully packed with a variety of sessions and activities bringing love and unity within more than 400 Sindhi individuals.


The organizers had done a marvelous job to ensure every individual’s console and make sure the events go along smoothly. For instance, some local organizer’s never had a chance to attend any previous SANA Convention in their lives. However, they did a wonderful job under the conditions.


The local organizing committee consisted of Khair Mohammad Kolachi (chairperson), Maqsood Soomro (vice-chairperson), Syed Shahnawaz Shah, Ms. Farzana Daudpota, M. Afzal Memon, Aijaz Qureshi, Nazir Baloch, Ashfaq Memon, Syed Jawad Shah, Ismael Daudpota, Abdbul Rahim Khatri, Zulfiqar Khowaja, Unaizah Hussain, Awais Laghari, Abdul Razzaque Khushk, Adnan Qureshi, Abdul Rasheed Soomro, Shakeel Nizamani, Inamullah Yoosufani, Imran Sheikh, Mohammad Bux Tunio, Abdul Jabbar Lashari and Dr. Rahman Soomro.


They really did a wonderful job ensuring every one’s comfort and offering an unforgettable hospitality. Indeed, this event is one of the most memorable SANA Annual Conventions that will be remembered by everyone who attended.


It will be injustice, If I miss the names who work very hard behind the scenes along with Convention Organizing Committee (COC) and they are: Zafar and Adi Zeb Agha, Dr. Ajaz Turk, Dr. Mazhar Lakho, Dr. Sattar Shaikh, Adi Surriya Panhwar, Aziz Narejo, Jamil Daudi, Taj Nizamani, Sarfraz Memon, Talat Talpur , Gulam Mohiuddin Morai, Mashhood Qazi, Saleem Langha, Khalid Channa and Khalid Memon.


Here, I will give credit and gratitude to all the members of who were organizers, especially Ashfaq Memon, who organized an amazing variety of different music teams and individuals to come and perform. The young dancers and the professional singers fulfilled the expectation of audiences for the first full Music night, which ended around 2:30 am.


In addition, some students received certificates as awards for excellent academic performance and achievements. Dr. Rehman Soomro organized this and Jamil Daudi presented the certificates.


The second music night was started by a comedian, Azhar Usman (from USA), who was followed by Gope Chander, Harish G. Damwani, Anil G. Damwani and Arti R. Gurnani. (came from USA). They are the proponents of the legendary Sindhi music from Singer Master Chander. The rest of the night was entertained by a local music team consisting of Tariq Bhai, Hashim Bhai and other four musicians. The audience enjoyed their performance a lot all night along and lots of people joined in by dancing traditionally. The wonderful music night ended at around 3:00 am in the morning.


Lot of people enjoyed and participates in both session of Youth and Women’s program. Guided and coordinated by Zafar Agha, Adi Zeb Agha, Ms. Farzana Daudpota , Ms. Unaizah Hussain, Abdul Rasheed Soomro, Farhia Riaz and Adi Surriya Panhwar.


In General body meeting, status, update, direction and future vision for SANA organization was given by President as well as by General Secretary of SANA, in the same venue, Ada Talat Talpur gave the financial status to audiences and urge members to come forward and help financially to non-profit community organization. Zafar Agha gave the presentation on SANA FAME fund status and the news related to student’s scholarships, which were recently selected by the FAME fund committee. Then Ms. Amber Laghari read total nine Amendments, which were then discussed, and finally passed all of them with slight addition in one amendment, which was also passed. The General Body also unanimously approved the following resolutions: